PASSPO – Sakura Komachi

Let’s just put this out there first: I need more of the Sakura shots from this PV.  In one of the two sets for the PV, the PASSPO girls looking quite comely underneath artificial cherry trees and a rain of blossoms.  The girls are seemingly naked under pale pink blankets and look quite loverly.  But wait, how did we get here?

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Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h10m10s152

The PV opens up with a closeup of Makoto as a tear rolls down her cheek.  Her hand reaches out and catches a cherry blossom.  Quickly the PV  transitions to the girls in uniform dancing on stage.  The action is illuminated through spot lights that sweep through the action.

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h10m53s72

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h12m30s10

When the lights are turned on in the chorus, we see that the girls are dancing on a set that reminds me of a stark fashion show stage.  The girls twirl, the skirts fly, and I just want more of the other set.

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h19m41s236
The skirts they be a twirlin’

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h13m56s101

What I like about PASSPO is that they never forget who they are.  The jobs in the group are well regemented, and everyone seems to know their task (that’s teamwork).  You cn see in the verses that Shiori and Ai get the lion’s share of the vocal solos.  You also see that girls like Makoto and Mio get the spotlight often simply because they look great.

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h12m48s208
Shiori center stage, ’cause she’s the singer

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h13m17s244
You too Ai (bonus unfortunate MioMio face)

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h18m12s25
eg angles.  Anna, Mio, and Shiori get it right.  Yuki and Ai- not so much

PASSPO really shines in the Sakura set piece.  Each girl is expressive and emotes a quiet sadness that is a little at odds with the song.

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h12m05s28

Anna under the blooms

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h15m39s137
Shiori looks like Niigaki Risa here …

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h16m15s188

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h18m49s219 Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h19m17s251

The song itself is a return from the all-out rock of the previous singles, specifically the Metal fest of “WING“.  The basic tracks of “Sakura Komichi” are still heavy on the guitar and bass.  In fact, anyone that knows me can tell that I am a fan of the harmonized guitar leads that are the hallmark of this song.  The chorus fills itself with palm-muted guitars mixed with long chords.  The chorus has the girls singing to the same melody of the guitar lines punctuated with some rhythmic  emphasis.

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h13m30s94
More confetti rain

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h14m30s164
Not much Natsumi or Yuki in this PV.   This is a good shot of an awkward arm motion.

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h20m32s235
They never need to do this again pose again….  I hate it.
Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h20m57s211
Why is it that Mio ALWAYS looks like she’s having fun?!  That’s an idol!!
Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h22m08s164
and … SCENE!

I’m not sure whether this song will be among my favorites, but I know I’ll be humming the guitar leads and dreaming of Makoto under cherry trees.

Sakura Komichi 2013-02-18-14h49m18s69

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