Unboxing Sayu’s “Mille Feuille”



Guess what came in the mail today!


Not a clue?  Did you even read the title of this article?  Here’s the box opened up …



And yes, that’s my Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

I should apologize for all the glare on these photos, but I won’t.  There are plenty of high quality scans of the photobook out there, so you can look at those if you like.  This article is the pure joy of opening up the gift of Sayumi.





The photobook is a very nice package.  It is hardbound with a slip cover that you will never want to lose.  Oh hey, that’s my finger in the above shot!  I guess I’m giving you the finger?


I found pretty much all of the photos titillating.  If Sayu doesn’t “do it” for you, then you have a serious problem.

IMG_1777 IMG_1778

Wow, that red bikini looks great on Sayu.  The colors of her skin, hair, and the red bikini makes men out of the littlest of boys.


I don’t think this dress needs any introductions.  If you haven’t seen the other shots of Sayu in this dress, then you should close this tab and look for scans immediately.  You’ll thank me for that bit of advice.

IMG_1780 IMG_1781 IMG_1782

I’m pretty fond of this bikini as well.  Sayu has a playful smile and looks like she is having a great time.  But really, they could put her in an oversized sweater and she would look hot.

…Wait a minute ….

IMG_1783 IMG_1784

Suspicion confirmed.  That’s hot.  I decided to give you the pictures with her bottom peeking out.  You’re welcome.


I love this dress.  The dress and her hair remind me of an old girlfriend of mine.


I may have to watch this DVD.


Buy Mille Feuille at CDJapan

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