(Gin and ) Juice=Juice


The pace seems to be quickening.  We just heard of the formation of this unit a couple of weeks ago, and we already have some big news.  Firstly, check out the picture of the new unit “Juice=Juice”.  I can’t yet associate all their names and faces (we are all just learning), but I do know that Karin is fourth from the left and looks extremely cute.  This looks to me like an off-shot since the lighting is uncontrolled.  Juice=Juice are already looking like a unit.

But wait … Juice=Juice?!  Where the hell did that name come from?

Tsunkuboy, you really are something else.  I think he must still be on the alphabetical naming riff.  He finally found an English word that starts with “J” that he liked.  So we have … Gomattou, High-King, Juice=Juice (was there ever a, “F” group?)

Whatever.  I like the repeated name, and “Juice” is a very pleasurable word to say.  You know how some words are pleasurable to say?  I just don’t know about that screwy equal sign.

Here was the scene when the girls were first given their new assignment.

Did you notice that Karin immediately broke down?  She has been the “second coming” of Hello! Project for almost four years at this point, and she finally is on the verge of debut.  Nevermind the fact that she has already released songs for some anime or other like this one.  She sounds great, right?  Why wouldn’t we want to see her debut as soon as possible?  I’m glad she gets her chance.

Here’s a translation of her interview (thanks to SoHee at Jplop)

What do you feel/think about this new unit?
Karin:First off I’m very grateful for being chosen and I really feel that I’m no good as I am right now. Up until now I’ve failed a lot of auditions. I’ve gone to the last round and sometimes not even that. Some girls with less experience than I have passed and it’s made me feel very sad and frustrated. So because of that I’m really happy about this but half of that is also insecurity. I don’t know how far me doing my best can take me from this point, and I must aim to be as good as my seniors in Hello! Project and that I can do that now in a way to return the favor to all the fans that have supported me so far is what makes me the happiest right now. So from now on I will do my absolute best to return this favor to everyone who has supported me despite me being a kenshuusei for all this time.

What kind of group do you want this to become?
Karin: Because it’s said that these days it’s the war-period of idols, I want this group to cause a revolution. Because if we don’t do that we’ll end up being looked over and it can’t end with us. So I want us to cause a revolution for many kenshuusei groups to debut after all. I want us to perfect singing and dancing and with that cause a revolution.

 you have anything you want to say?
Karin: What I want to say is… thank you so much everyone for supporting me up until now. From now I want to grow and do my best in rehearsal so I can give you a lot of love in return. Thank you so much.

Don’t you just wanna give her a hug?

Now we fast forward to yesterday’s news with the name of the group and the member colors.

Firstly, The name “Juice=Juice” is ripe for jokes- I realize this.  The name sounds like it should be the name of a local idol group in the countryside.  I’m sure even the most unimaginative among us can come up with some clever puns with the name.  I’m going to try to NOT be that guy.  Who knows- perhaps this name is something that will be popular with the young girl market that Hello! Project is desperate to lure.  I’m not a teenage Japanese girl, so I really don’t know.

Instead of member colors, we get member fruits AND colors!  This is a change of pace from the standard H!P SOP.  If you missed it, the colors are: Uemura Akari (Melon) = green, Miyazaki Yuka(Peach) = pink, Takagi Sayuki (Lemon) = yellow, Miyamoto Karin (Grape) = purple, Otsuka Aina (Orange) = orange, and Kanazawa Tomoko (Apple) = red.  The more observant among us noticed that the girls sat down in the same order as the picture at the top of the article.  We’ll probably be seeing this order more: Sayubee and Karin-chan-san in the center.

It should be obvious now that I am anxious for the major debut of Karin.  Aside from her, Aina is looking cute and has a similar never-say-die story.  I’ve heard some performances of Sayubee and she sounds pretty amazing, too.  Yuka has been performing as part of GREEN FIELDS, so it’ll be interesting to see how she works in a unit that will dance as well as sing.  I’ve got virtually nothing on the other two girl, unfortunately.

As a bonus, we won’t have to wait long to see the girls perform.  It seems Juice=Juice will be taking part in the Hinamatsuri in early March (don’t bust me for not knowing the exact date).  I suppose their upcoming performance is the reason the girls were wearing practice attire in the video.  As soon as I see or hear a performance, you best believe that I’ll write about it here!


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