“Brainstorming” – new Morning Musume

I thought things were getting too quiet around Morning Musume.  Especially since there is a festival in early May and an impending graduation, a new single announcement seemed imminent.  This PV was released this morning (in the US).  The stage is set in a diamond pentagon, with the edges lit with neon tubes.  A giant LED behind the girls plays …. well it’s like a fake graphic equalizer.  Spotlights swirl around the girls, who wear leather jackets and skirts/shorts.  The dance is another intricately timed affair as the girls make hand waves scroll across the formation like a surge of power.  The choreography is more aerobic that what I have seen from previous Morning Musume singles.  Riho and Ayumi add leaps and kicks to the choreography that gives the group added kinetic frenzy.  As expected, this version of Morning Musume continues to impresses with their high powered choreography and tight synchronization.




3 responses

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  2. The instrumental at the start sounds very familar…a bit of Samui Ne perhaps mixed with something else? It’s good and very catchy but to be honest, Help Me! was so much more interesting for me! The bloody autotune is back! Why?? Pretty much redoing the Wakuteka Take a Chance line distribution as well…

    The clothes are nice though, I want those blue/violet ones! I’m a sucker for those kind of boots that Sayumi and Mizuki are wearing, I want a pair! Sakura’s lines were interesting but it seems like they’ve made her put on a lower voice range to match all the autotune. After a while though, it shocks you and interests you at the same time! I wish she could have just sung in her range like in Help Me! I like the dance though, might learn it but I won’t rush like other YouTubers. I liked the way they formed the M. Loved Mizuki, Haruna and Ayumi’s lines. Pleased.


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