Juice=Juice preview

The group is Juice=Juice.  The song is Watashi ga iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne

I have no admit, I’m not very impressed with the instrumentals of this song.  That saxophone is the corniest thing I have heard in a while.  It sounds like a chicken clucking obnoxiously.  Even without sexy sax man, the song doesn’t off much more than the girls in their first release.  Sure, it’s an energetic number, but I don’t think the chorus is catchy enough to overcome the my hate for this saxophone.  I hope no one at H!P is equating “mature” with “saxophone”, ’cause I’m gonna cut someone if all of their releases “feature” a sax.  Have I made myself clear?

Luckily the girls sound great.  Despite the nerves of their first performance as a unit, they already sound like a solid unit.  Let’s give them better material, OK?  Looking for more Juice, less sax.


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