C-ute – Crazy Kanzenna Otona


Let’s start off with my first reaction- whoa. It’s hard to ignore the crazy amounts of stocking-clad lega, midriff, and the hairography. Perhaps C-ute felt they were not living up to their end of the bargain with their last release “Kono Machi“. Although it showcases the girls’ vocals, the single did little to further the group’s sexy quotient, nor did it further their dance ratio.

The hair-whip factor

This PV picks things up from where “Kiss Me Aishteru” left off. One can see it immediately with the outfits: stud-encrusted biker jackets, red and black tops and shorts, bare stomachs and belly-buttons, fish-net stockings, and studded platformed heels. To a person, C-ute may never look as in-shape as they look in “Crazy Kanzenna Otona”. We have photographic proof.

C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h47m12s101

C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h42m40s187

The dance shot ‘s lack of a background set only makes the viewer focus on the girls further. I felt as if the group were daring me to find imperfections in their choreography and look. Then there’s the laser beams. Yes, laser beams. Do you remember when Lorenzo Lamas used a laser pointer to highlight the imperfections of contestants on the television show “Are You Hot”? This is what I thought about as the lasers spread out and reflected on the girls. But really, there is nothing to complain about- the girls look incredible. And, the give you a bit of service by laying suggestively on their sides in front of the leftover fluorescent tubes from “Wakuteka Take a Chance

C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona 2013-03-08-21h38m26s21 C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h40m30s220 C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h40m58s239

C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h53m15s154

C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h52m31s206

Let’s also take a minute to look at Chisato’s new hair. She’s sporting a banged, bobbed blond ‘do. I have to wonder if UF is still trying to make her the tomboy of the group. And, why do these groups need to have an “ikemen“? Does this have anything to do with the swimming anime?

C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h43m40s54

C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h47m44s204

The group’s focus on out-dancing their peers is evident. The girls want us to forget about Morning Musume’s new-found dance skill and remember that they are the queens of the dance.C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h43m09s241
I call this “the flamingo”.

C-ute - Crazy Kanzenna Otona2013-03-08-21h49m23s148

Yes, Airi, you are still the chosen one.

You can buy C-ute – “Crazy Kanzenna Otona” at CDJapan.


7 responses

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  2. The hair whip factor is amazing! In my opinion, it’s alright. Was surprised at Saki dancing in the middle but I still like the song and dance. All the girls look beautiful but I still don’t know how to feel about Chisato’s hair colour, looks better in the MV though than when I saw that video of her and C-ute practicing for a concert.


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