Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “Ninjari Bang Bang”

The latest offering from adorable nutjob Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gives us more of her usual head-scratching visuals staged on a strange virtual reality ninja world.  The song is more controlled than than her recent offerings and has a fun, easily hummable memorable chorus.

Ninjari Bang Bang 2013-03-11-15h47m22s82
We first see Kyary riding on top of a Koi through a landscape that looks like it came from an 80’s vision of virtual reality.  The background is a polygonal mountain range with the blank buildings of an imaginary city floating by on the midground.  Everything is put together in such a mish mash that when the space shuttle complete with its external tank and solid rocket boosters floats engulfs Kyary in green exhaust you hardly take notice to the incongruence.

Sakura Gakuin - Grad Tpss2013-03-11-15h52m31s102
Throughout the video, we see Kyary floating through the moonlit night striking ninja-like poses, slicing things with her blade, tossing ninja stars- you know, ninja stuff.  She also dances with a couple of nicely animated robots.  Does it make sense?

The music plays a nice transition to the second verse that is more powerful and forceful than the previous instrumentation.  It’s also instantly Japanese sounding.  There’s a mix of traditional instruments with an 8-bit synthesizer.  They really want us to know that this is a Japanese single, don’t they?

Ninjari Bang Bang 2013-03-11-15h55m41s213
Our next virtual set is Kyary reclining in a Japanese looking room.  She wears traditional garb and robot servants entertaining her with their dancing skills.  I think I like this look the best- not too crazy, a little feminine, and looking a bit like an quilt.

Ninjari Bang Bang 2013-03-11-16h05m47s132
Floating around in this strange land is the boss character.  He spends a good few moments attempting to blow up Kyary with a fierce laser attack.  Of course, our heroine dispatches this baddy with a laser blast of her own.  Oh, Kyary’s right arm turns into a powerful laser canon.  Didn’t you know that?Ninjari Bang Bang Tpss2013-03-11-16h06m02s72

The robots and Kyary rejoice at the downfall of the boss, and there is much dancing.

I have been a fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu since “Pon Pon Pon”, but I have to admit that I think this single falls short of her previous attempts.  We expect the unexpected from Kyary, but I wonder how long until even her left turns become tiresome?  More than anything, though, I found the music for this single disappointing.  The “Ninjari bang bang” line from the song is memorable, but little else in the song sounds very fresh to my ears.  Ultimately, Kyary promised us a party in “Pon Pon Pon”, but this single is more like a cheap party favor.

One response

  1. Gotta love Kyary’s style 🙂 I got to see her live in London and the performance was really good, I really enjoyed the song! Kyary never disappoints me


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