Morning Musume – Kimisae Ireba Nanimo Iranai

Well, you had to see that coming, didn’t you? As soon as you fall in love with “Brainstorming”, @Tsunkuboy tells you that it is not the single. Then, this PV rolls out looking all sharp and crisp. Is it the A-side? Is this a double A-side? Frankly, I don’t know. But for the “2000 people on the dance floor”, let’s see if you can live up to the “Brainstorming’s” brilliance.

The video is shot as a single camera dance shot. Although the set may seem plain, the swag and drapes conceal wonderfully dynamic lighting. The lights respond to the pulse of the music and the shifts in tone. Hiding the lights behind the drapes gives each light an eerily diffused look that I also like.

We’re thinking about it, so let’s just get it out there: what the hell are they wearing? The dress is a short yellow thing with fringes. And fringes. It looks pretty neat when the girls twirl around, but also makes the girls look shapeless. There’s plenty of bare limbs to help up the loss of appeal since the girls look like mops when not applying enough rotational movement to properly animate the dresses.

The girls all lined up.

The song starts with the familiar dance beats, but gives way to a strange melody that is sung in fourths and tri-tones. The melody here is quite odd, as is the synthesizer line that precedes it in the instrumental. A nice saw-tooth sound pans behind melody counters a building melodic after our tri-tone melody. Things won’t start to sound “nice” until the inevitable break before the chorus. Reina sings these lines over a clap track with her usual confidence. Sakura takes over for Reina- a vocal torch pass from the 6th to the 11th generation.

Two at a time, girls. Two at a time.

The dance is not as energetic as “Brainstorming”. The girls robotically march from one formation to the next for much of the dance. Some of the impressive uniform movements pepper the dance. At one point, the girls rotate around the set like a pinwheel- I can’t help but think that this is better filmed from a different camera angle (one of the limitations to a single-camera dance shot).


The chorus pulses through its melody as the lights behind the girls gathers strength and flashes. The girls keep a static formation and pulse along with the rhythm. The melody keeps itself to a two-note pattern, most likely designed to be easily memorable.


A throbbing flower

I feel like an opportunity to include some stunning choreography was wasted during the bridge. We learn that 2000 people are on the dance floor, but the girls just march up and down. Let these girls loose!

All of this makes for a challenging listen. “Kimisae Ireba Nanimo Iranai” will turn off listeners looking for that quick fix of sugar as soon as the verse’s discordant sounding melody begins. Although I personally find it intriguing, I can see where others will find the intervals matched with a stark instrumentation unsavory.

Considering “Brainstorming” and “Kimisae Ireba Nanimo Iranai” together, the songs are two sides of the same coin. The two songs share the same pedigree and sound palette but treat the listener in very different ways. “Brainstorming” gives an initial rush of adrenaline with its busy synth lines and guitars. “Kimisae …” is an enigma from the get-go with a synth line that seems to ask questions and a verse that is supported by a wet-sounding tone rather than a proper beat.

For all the weirdness it brings, I may prefer “Kimisae Ireba Nanimo Iranai”.


4 responses

  1. Renai Hunter much at the beginning? Or more importantly, it seems they are not only recycling dance moves but the sets and outfits. Nah, Brainstorming is better in my opinion than this. The song does not even appeal to me either. This is the first track since Pyoko Pyoko Ultra that I do not like. It’s also weird for Haruka to be wearing that hat with that dress as well in my opinion.


  2. Had a feeling that i would not like the song at first listen but actually i like it more and more the more i listen to it… Yeah i hope they get another Number 1 or at least 100k first week for this double a-side single. Preordered all 7 copies already xD


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