Babyraids – “Jump”

In other strange realms, I decided to take a look at the latest Babyraids single “Jump”.  This energetic number certainly has plenty of jumping as the girls sing in front of a cast of extras in a cinder block  basement set.  Musically, this is another idol pop/rock song featuring guitars, guitars, more guitars, and a nice blast beat thrown in.  I’m certainly sold on this single!

In full disclosure, I don’t know much about Babyraids.  Thank god their outfits are uniform but different (in that idol way), because I would have a hard time differentiating between the members (being just introduced to them).  Their website tells me that the five girls (Rikako, Erika, Manatsu, Nao, and Rio) are between 13 (Rio, yikes!) and 17 (Erika and Manatsu).  In other words, prime idol ages.

Manatsu gets the most lines in this release (as I believe she does in their other releases) and delivers a energetic performance.  She’s all the more striking since she seems to be 75% arms and legs.  Considering all her screen time, it makes sense that her flailing gives off the most energy.

Not that the other girls are slouches.  Their solo lines are delivered with confidence and competence and no one girl gets the shaft.

They toss their caps.

There’s much jumping.
Takami Nao jumps…
Ooya Rikako jumps ….
Hayashi Manatsu jumps …
Denya Erika jumps …
Watanabe Rio jumps!

They all just seem so sincere.

Then the water bottles came out.


It’s a simple PV, really.  Just show the girls doing what they do best, make sure they injest sugar, caffeine and more sugar, then roll the cameras.  With the “Jump” PV, they have captured the energy of a live performance- I certainly would love to see them perform after watching this PV!   “Jump” is entertaining, energetic, exciting, and other e-words. I’m on board for this and at least their next single.  So watch out, Babyraids: you are on my radar!

You can purchase “Jump” by Babyraids at CDJapan.


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