Morning Musume 12th Generation Auditions: OPEN

At the noon concerts on 3/16/2013, Tsunku announced the new round of auditions for Morning Musume.  The theme/title this time around is “Morning Musume 12th generation Audition Mirai Shoujo”, which should roughly translate into “Future girl auditions”.  You can see the video below.

It seems with every graduation- Reina in this case, a new audition is announced.  This is giving us a revolving door of idols in the last two-three years.  We already have almost the entirety of Morning Musume that was not part of the “Golden Age” and the average experience level of the group dipped to less than five years (by estimation).  This seems to leave many fans at a crossroads in their personal fandom.

I know that I think, though …

I say, “bring them on!” Every Morning Musume fan must acknowledge that the heart of the group is the graduation/audition system that has been in place from the beginning. Yes, your favorites WILL go away eventually. Except, the good ones who want to stay in the entertainment business and have worked hard to gain the public’s eye will move on to another part of the entertainment industry. Hopefully, they’ll move on to something that’ll let them date in public. It’s not sad. It’s the way of life.
“Too many girls” – never- there’s already a precedence for this. The more girls there are in Morning Musume, the more important it will be to support YOUR favorite.
“My favorite will lose her spotlight!” – or it could make her work harder to stay relevant.
“It’s not MY Morning Musume” – it never was YOUR Morning Musume, and your free to get off the bus at any time.

As for Morning Musume itself, they will be fine. Auditions always helps them fill any gaps in talent or personality. If they do it right, the group can perpetually sustain itself on a diet of young girls willing to abandon their personal life for a chance at fame.

What does Morning Musume need? I think they need a couple of alto voices to bring the vocal mix back into balance. They have great dancers already. They have some good personality already. They don’t need a star, but they do need more voices.

And I hope I don’t see any AKB fans arguing against the auditions. Because that’s a lot of girls right there.


8 responses

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  2. The news does give me an impression that it’s to add another member/s after perhaps the 6th generation go but with Morning Musume’s success, they might be looking to focus more on getting another spotlight member perhaps. I hope there are two girls this time.


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  4. Yup, a good strong voice is needed. I know the point of Momusu is constantly changing members, but at least for me, I’ve just started to like the new girls. So I hope they would now find 2-3 talented “Mirai Shojo”s, and then stop auditions for a while. Just that MM would concentrate on making good music and getting to know each other instead of messing with auditions and graduations all the time.

    I’m not saying auditions are bad, no, they’re interesting and special, but 4 auditions in 3 years is enough.


    • Call me crazy, but I would happily take four more girls!

      I’m probably in the minority with that opinion. I don’t care. More girls will give us more reasons to love our favorites. If UF plays their cards correctly, there are plenty of promotional ideas that are better accomplished with more girls.


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