Mizupon and Kanyon solos!

I just love things like this video. You can see that she is just walking around, listening to the “Aruiteru” on her iPhone(?) and singing along. The staff then mixed the live vocals with the karaoke version of the song creating this treat. I know the Mizuki fans love it. I love it- Mizuki shows why she is getting lots of attention for her looks and more lines in the singles. Even though she lacks the power of other singers, she sounds lovely without much processing.

Kanon after the jump!

Unlike the Mizupon video, Kanon is just hanging out by a tree, singing the S/mileage single, “Samui ne”. I can see the earbuds that are feeding her the backing tracks. I can also see that Kanon is a more experienced singer than Mizuki- she gives more breath to her voice and is much more mindful of her phrasing. And yes, Kanon is still my favorite S/mileage girl.

Both of these videos are from the Hello! Project Station YouTube channel. If they keep peppering solos like these, I will definitely keep watching.


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