“Kimisae …” and “Brainstorming” PV full versions?

“Brainstorming” PV

“Kimisae Irebai Nano Iranai” PV

The title is a question, because as of writing, these PV’s are not on the Morning Musume YouTube page. Although it seems like these are the actual PV releases for this double A-side single, I can’t be too sure. Tsunku does like to troll, so a switcheroo at the last minute is still possible. Let’s just go on the assumption that these are the official PVs and do a screen shot review thing.


To begin with, this PV looks more like a proper PV than “Kimisae Irebai Nanimo Iranai”. The same dynamic camera movements from the “Loose Shot” version are still here. Added to the PV are solo shots and wider variety of shots in the dance scenes. No, there is no plot: just the girls performing. I think the the girls look great: the outfits make them look tough and ready for trouble. I also like the backgrounds for the solo shots. The glowing horizontal color bars against the darkness works for me: maybe I have too much Tron or Blade Runner in me.

Let’s bring on the girls! Starting with the Mizuki/Riho/Ayumi/Sakura dance solo.

Some would agree that dancing Musume is what the coloful era does best. It’s hard to argue that.

How about some close ups of Riho and Mizuki. These two will be big players in the future Musume …

Next we have some Reina. As the graduating member, it seems fit that she get loads of face time.

How about a member call out? We have some Sayu, Mizuki, Reina, Kanon, Erina, Riho, Reina (again) Haruka, Sayu (again), Ayumi, Erina (again), Haruna. Notice how the background bars display their member colors. Which reminds me … where’s Masaki and Sakura? Usually it’s Kanon who gets the shaft!

Actually, Kanon gets face time in this PV- much more face time than she had in “Help Me“, that’s for sure.

This brings us to the dance battle. In the world of Morning Musume, a dance battle battle between Riho and Ayumi is hotly anticipated and celebrated. FIGHT!!

Oh and thanks, Zam

Actually, I found some Masaki with bonus Haruna. Did I ever say that the only reason I started watching “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” was because of Haruna? Well, because of her and Fast Karate for the Gentlemen.

Right before the bridge there’s a great zoom-in shot of Ishida Ayumi.

The last solo shot is Sayashi Riho. I don’t really see why the hate for this girl has been building. Remember when we were demanding that Riho pass the auditions? Just her audition footage was enough to breathe life into Morning Musume, and now she doesn’t sing well enough for us?! Please, people- you knew she wasn’t going to be the next Takahashi Ai already. Don’t act shocked.

No. “Brainstorming” is not going to be the best PV Morning Musume ever released. There’s plenty of greatness in this PV to satisfy most fans. Actually, I think the only fans that this won’t satisfy are those fans that clamor for a PV with a plot, those fans that clamor for a PV shot outdoors, and those fans that clamor for multiple outfits. In other words, you can’t please them all.

“Kimisae Irebai Nanimo Iranai”

There really isn’t much to see here. The PV is an enhanced version of the dance shot version. The camera does swoop around the girls nicely, and this small change makes the dance look much more interesting than it does in the dance shot. I can’t believe I’m writing about it, but the floor is nice and reflective and it adds a new dimension to the PV. Even so, there are no solo close-up shots, nor any other variety of shots. It’s a dance shot.

We also get a good look at the outfits. Yes, they are still a yellow fringed madness. I don’t like the way they hide the figures of the girls, but I do like the additional movement that they bring to the dance. I still get the feeling that I am looking at yellow-zombie flappers marching aimlessly. That said, the song sounds much meaner than I remember. Maybe my headphones are louder and bassy-er than the last time I took a listen, but there are some evil sounding things in this song. It reminds me of the how mean sounding the groove in “One-Two-Three” sounded when I first heard it.

Here are some caps …

The girls start with the paddy cake game

Oda Sakura gets her face time

The emergent Ishida Ayumi

And the soon to graduate Tanaka Reina

Sayumi says, “DOWN ON YOUR KNEES!”

Girls got attitude

Just look at Sayashi Riho with PonPon

I have a hard time believing that these PVs are the fully realized vision of the original concepts. When I compare to the last double A-side (One-Two-Three/The Matenrou Show), it appears that the budget has been more evenly split between these two PVs. Unlike the previously mentioned OTT/TMS single, both songs get outfits. And although “Kimisae” looks much better than “The Mantenrou Show”, it’s still a dance shot PV.


4 responses

  1. This is my favourite single after platinum era.
    Some much awesomeness packed in a double A-side!!
    So happy Tsunku and UFP gave Reina a great graduation single…
    Heres hoping Morning Musume gets Number 1 on the charts again.

    P.S Pretty sure theres Sakura in Brainstorming! (during her solo parts)
    But i’m glad she got the spotlight in Kimi Sae =D


    • Oh yeah, she’s definitely in the single. She’s just not in that first “flash through” of the girls in the PV.

      I’m not sure how I would rank it, yet. I definitely not one of those people who complain about the robo-musume sound. I think we better just enjoy this streak for as long as it lasts!


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