MaaDuu in: BUY BUY BUY

With so much upcoming news (AKA Tsunkuboy’s April 1st reveal of the “Brainstorming PV”), I wondered if I should waste time and post this video. Then again, why the hell not? It’s just Sato Masaki and Kudo Haruka messing around in the goods line,  having a good ol’ time, and just being adorable. These two have great chemistry together- there’s a Pinky and the Brain thing happening here. Some highlights here are Masaki’s Reina obsession, a malfunctioning gashapon, and Haruka smacking Masaki in the rear. This video helped me realize just how young these two are .. I mean they are clearly just out of elementary school! I came away from this video loving these two girls a little more. At worst, it’s a creative way for UF to promote their latest wota products. And, if you know nothing about MaaDuu, then I suppose this is a great start for you!


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