I don’t know why I didn’t expect this PV, but here is Juice=Juice’s “Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakeshimenakya ne”.  Roughly translated, this song is about preemptive hugs.  My opinions of the song has not really changed- crappy sax line, a bit too simplistic, good presence from the girls, MOAR KARIN.  Terada’s declaration of Ju=Ju as a mature sounding group puzzled me as well.  Let’s see how these mature 14 year-old girls are going in the PV!

Immediately, we get jazz hands and Karin’s “DWEEB” T-shirt (still funny).  First impression is that the dance is super energetic!  Sayubee and Karin-sama pump their fists in the air with lots of power.

We get lots of solos of the girls as well starting with Otsuka Aina. Remember her, from the 9th generation Morning Musume auditions? Good on you, Aina.

And, of course, more Karin. At this point I would like to bring up the subtle member colors on their accessories. More specifically, if color is your thing you should look at the girls’ earrings.

The girls do a weird teeter tot move with their legs and shoulders.

The other big star here appears to be Takagi Sayuki. She has huge cheeks. I know people like that kind of thing. I am impressed by the close up shots of the girls. They strike wonderfully longing faces- they’re probably remembering the time when they accidentally dropped their ice cream cone on the pavement (or something similarly sad to a 14 year-old).

A girl who is really growing on me is this Uemura Akari (melon) chick. Really, I like melons, and melon girl has some wonderfully elfin features.

Ringo girl is Kanazawa Tomoko. (The only reason I know the Japanese word for apple is because of Shiina Ringo). Despite being on of the older girls at 17, she has only been in Hello! Project for three months. Imagine how shafted the other girls feel!

I enjoyed the camera angles during this close-up/dance-shot PV. The camera shoots at some interesting positions giving the impression of being right in the middle of the dance. Imagine dancing next to the DWEEB.

That’s right, H!P Jesus – hair everywhere, don’t care.

And seriously, where are Akari’s hips? She’s barely there!

This brings us to the girl who wasn’t even an egg … Miyazaki Yuka. She wasn’t in very many shots for the oldest girl out there (at a shocking 18). When you do see her, you have to admit that peach-girl looked fairly out of place dancing. Hopefully we can see her develop more in the context of the group- because we already know that she is a talent.

Finally, H!P Jesus encourages you to give her all of your money.


9 responses

  1. Akari – elvin features: yes! When watching this I couldn’t think of how to describe her, but that is the word I was searching for. And I know a lot of fuss was made about Karin. It was probably best to give her this rather than put her in Momusu or something. What is with the ‘dweeb’ shirt though? Does she know what that means??


  2. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. It surprises me of C-ute indies like Soku Dakishimete. Karin puts so much energy into her dance moves, I’ve noticed but she looks like a scary doll to me >_<


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