Hello Station 9: a Viewer’s Guide

Let’s face facts: if you don’t speak Japanese (I don’t) or don’t have much patience, you probably won’t sit through a show like “Hello! Station”.  It would be nice if someone out there pointed out the interesting parts of the show.  I always wonder why no one has done this before.  I suppose it’s my turn to provide some usefulness.

Note, the links are to the same video from the official Hello! Project Station YouTube channel (you’re going to see Nakky’s face a lot).  I just went ahead and forwarded the video to different highlights.  Obviously, I can’t translate anything and my choices for highlights are highly subjective.  I promise to  make an effort in showing most (if not all) of the segments.  Please, watch the parts in which you are interest, and don’t feel guilty about skipping whatever you don’t like.


First we have the new egg’s self introduction.  Her name is Sasaki Rikako, she used to be part of SCK girls, and she has been on TsunTube before.

Some trivia (from Hello! Online)

Name: Sasaki Rikako
Birthdate: May 28, 2001
Birthplace: Miyagi Prefecture
Height: 148cm
Blood type: A
Special skill: Dance

  • Was previously a member of the indie earthquake support idol group SCK Girls.
  • Her family experienced the 2011 Tohoku earthquake firsthand, and subsequently lost both their home and fishory to the tsunami.
  • Her father submitted her application to SCK Girls, without her knowledge, because he thought the singing and dancing she loved would make her happy again.
  • Has written that she thinks Kudo Haruka is cute.
  • Says she wants to become like Sayashi Riho and Oda Sakura.
  • Her small dream is to appear in a movie and drink juice in a bubble bath, her big dream is to become a top idol and take over the world.
  • Favorite characters are the Kobito Dukan.

Look at that story?  How can you deny a girls who lived through the Tohoku earthquake?  THIS GIRL LOST HER HOME TO THE DISASTER.  Some people have compared her looks to Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko, and her voice to Kudo Haruka.  I think we are looking at a finalist for the Morning Musume 12th generation audition.  You know what to do, Tsunkuboy.


Next we have a performance of  “Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakeshimenakya ne” by Juice=Juice (minus Uemura Akari).

I don’t know what Akari’s excuse was: I wish she was in this performance.  At this point, you are either really into J=J, or you’re not.  You know where I stand.


Berryz Kobo’s Natsuyaki Miyabi takes up the solo mic next with a rendition of “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda“.

There’s no denying the greatness Miyabi’s vocals.  I’m a longtime fan of hers and she does me proud with a great solo performance.  I also think “Tomodachi …”  is a great song.  The big question for me: where is she?  It looks like she is in Hawaii (Berryz were just in Hawaii, right?), and she is wearing a “San Diego” top which makes me want to believe that she is somewhere in the US.


Next is a live performance of “Crazy Kanzenna Otona” by C-ute.

This performance looks like it was sot from a balcony using a camera’s onboard mic.  Lot’s of crowd sounds in this one.  There also aren’t any camera motions, so you can get a good look at the choreography and a feel for how C-ute sounds live.  They are as impressive as always and make a great case for H!P’s most talented unit.  It’s too bad that the staging looks like a high school auditorium.


Last up is video Berryz Kobo.

From the looks of things, they are recording during fan events or backstage in their recent Hawaii trip.  We have video of Natsuyaki Miyabi and Sudo Maasa, Kumai Yurina, Sugaya Risako, Shimizu Saki doing not much of anything.  This culminates with a look at their plastic plated food.  I don’t know why the thought of Berryz Kobo eating from styrofoam plates makes me chuckle, but it does.


I hope this helped you digest Hello! Project Station a bit easier.  Please leave some feedback!  Should I keep doing these?  Or do you not care and just watch the whole shebang regardless?  Or, do you find H!P Station a boring and pointless endeavor?

4 responses

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  2. On Uemura Akari being absent, it was announced rather suddenly (day before, I think it was) that she couldn’t be there because she came down with the flu.


  3. More of this please!! Its like your recaping your opinions on this show =] My favourite segment in HaroSute is definitely the solo member singing. Can’t wait to see Sakura xD
    Still better than Satoyama lmaooo


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