Hello! Station 10 – a Viewer’s Guide

You could watch the whole thing in one sitting, or you could skip around a bit. I won’t judge you! In fact, I’ll aid and abet you. Here’s a breakdown of the segments.

C-ute leave their comments on their upcoming show in Budokon. No I don’t know what they are saying. You’re mistaking me for some other blog.

Next up, C-ute perform at the release event for their latest single “Crazy Kanzenna Otona” at Sunshine City. There are bits and pieces of some of their newest songs performed, but no complete songs. There’s some Kanashiki Heaven, Momoiro Spark Ring, some Bacon Dance, and some WORLD CLASS TSUNKU TROLLING. Yes, this is the event where Tsunku tells the girls they are going to perform at Budokan and Paris, but not before he drags out the announcement long enough for the girls the start believing they are are about to be retired. It’s worth watching this segment just to hear Tsunku’s version Crazy Kanzenna Otona and the girls’ frantic reactions. They think someone in graduating. Also, note the matching parkas at the end of the segment: they look like the swim parkas at my high school.

Next we get “Asian Celebration” by Berryz Kobo. There are some incredibly embarassing Miya VTRs during the song. I don’t know if this song is growing on me or not, but this performance was better for me. The Miya VTR, the Captain dance solo, the glow sticks: good times.

More footage from the latest Egg Kenshuusei event is presented next. You get to see your favorite egggs kenshuusei perform, including those Juice=Juice girls. They perform “Ah Merry-go-round” (Berryz) “Dokka~n Cappricio” (Morning Musume), “Momoiro Sparkling” (C-ute), “Seishun Domannaka” (Morning Musume), “Maji De Suka Ska” (Morning Musume), and more. It’s a bit like watching Minor League baseball: everything’s is pretty good, but some performers are clearly better than others and the shine of the Major Leagues is not there yet.

Finally, Nakky shows you how to tie your hair in a bun. You read that right. For the record, I would rather hear one of the H!P girls sing a solo version, too. Well, anyone but Dawa- her voice annoys me. I’d like to hear a duet actually: PonPon or MaaDuu or RihoSakura. I hope they don’t seriously have more hair arrangement segments.

Overall, not the most exciting show this week. The best part was probably seeing C-ute get rolled by the master troll.


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