Qki fun in Hawaii

Summer is almost here. I can feel the sun heat up the city; it’s rays are growing stronger by the day. To help bring us back into the summer state of mind, here are more pictures of the Q-ki enjoying their last visit in Hawaii!

(a good number of these are from pound66 at tumblr. you can tell from the watermark. props to you, sir)

Reporting for duty I suppose

And that duty is a ride on the water.  Look at Zukki’s face!  She looks terrified while the others are having a blast.

Well, now that their water rides are over, they look a bit sad to leave the ocean behind.  But have no fear!

Now we have the always enjoyable ride in a convertible!  I think these next two are my favorites.  All four of them are enjoying their ride.  Even though RihoRiho has one eye open, it’s not like she’s giving the stink eye.  Of course, my eye is mainly on the port side of the vehicle, where PonPon is just lovely.

And finally, what’s a day in paradise without some extreme ukelele?  Riho’s face cracks me up on this picture.  Not sure if she’s concentrating real hard or “turning Japanese“.  I suppose both of those are the same, aren’t they?

OH HECK, let’s throw in some bonus Tenki action!


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