Hello! Station 11- A Viewer’s Guide

This week’s host is Michishige Sayumi. There’s certainly nothing wrong with staring at her for a half-hour, is there? Otherwise, this episode has less to offer than previous episodes. The popular solo songs have not made a return. There are a couple of performances to whet your appetite.

3:23 Berryz sing “Anata Nashi De Wa Ikite Yukenai”. This was the very first Berryz single. It is interesting to see the girls sing a song from long ago, when they were practically different people.

06:16: Berryz Kobo sing “Cha Cha Sing”. Remember, this is one of my favorite recent Berryz singles!

14:18 Michishige solo version of “Brainstorming”. I can’t really blame her for including face time. Like I said before: there’s nothing wrong with staring at Sayumi for long periods of time. Sayu has been bringing the sexy lately, and this solo version is not a disappointment on that front.

26:09 Digest of Morning Musume release events for “Help Me!”. We see two different days in brief clips of their campaign.

On 1/14 we see two groups. First we have Riho, Haruna, and Sakura at an event for “Help Me!”. There is a small skit section that I don’t understand, such is life. We also get Ayumi. Kanon, Mizuki, and Reina at a separate event someplace where it looks cold.

On 1/24 there were two promotional groups of girls. We have Ayumi, Masaki, Mizuki in Sapporo. I can tell because the camera pans down from a shot of the Sapporo Train Station sign. The second group is Haruka, Kanon, Riho and Sayumi. There are some impersonations done with this group. Riho does a rooster sound- pretty convincing. Kanon does a seal(?) I guess. Haruka does … I don’t know what she’s doing.

That’s that! I’m off to Coachella 2013. See you all on Monday!


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