Brainstorming magazine photos

First off, congratulations to the Morning Musume! There are currently 73,512 people on the dance floor and counting. The drop-off between the first and second day sales was significant, so they will need some great numbers in the coming days to break 100K.

For the main event we have all of these magazine photos from the “Brainstorming/Kimisae Irebai Nanimo Iranai” promotional machine. Most of these should be from Top Yell.

There were two covers … team blue and team redj. Or is this the front cover and the back cover?

Some team blue (Riho duck face)

and some team red (Mizuki lookin’ pretty delicious)

There are one-shot (for Reina) and two-shots (everyone not named Reina). They paired the girls up according to generation/age, which denies us of a MaaDuu pairing but gives us the PinPon Dash combo.

And lastly, a group shot with those plastic megaphones.


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