Hello! Station 12 – A Viewer’s Guide

Thhis week’s host is again Michishige Sayumi, and is particularly heavy on the Morning Musume- for obvious reasons. Sayu gives a shout out and a thank you for (“Brainstorming/Kimi Sae …” success on the Oricon charts. 94, 037 people on the dance floor y’all!

Starting at 3:05, we get a mini concert from Morning Musume’s event on 4/17. You are going to want to start watching at 3:38 for the first song, “Kimi Sae Irebai Nanimo Iranai

If you don’t all those people on the dance floor, you may want to watch the performance of “One-Two-Three“. The choreography looks spiffy with the “Brainstorming” outfits!

Next is a great performance of “Help Me!”Is it me, or is Kudo’s voice disturbingly distinguishable in the chorus?

The girls are backstage. Michishige has a camera and films the girls as they prepare for a performance. There’s plenty of spotlight for each girl as they goof around backstage. One of my takeaways from this footage is “how un-glamorous is the nuts and bolts of the girls’ daily lives!” In the west, we have this view that music stars live fabulous, comfortable existences filled with excess. Not true for the Japanese idol! They’re not suffering, but I didn’t see Sayu and Reina doing keg stands backstage either!

A live performance of “Brainstorming” follows. As opposed to the recent television performances of the song, we get the whole song in performance.

Lastly we have Shimizu Saki, Yajima Maimi, and Wada Ayaka (the leaders of BeKiSu) commenting on mm recent #1. I can’t translate this for you, sorry. I’m sure they are saying how much they admire Morning Musume and are working hard to rival Morning Musume’s success. That’s how it works, right?

See you next week!

One response

  1. Sakura dropping her headpiece during the Kimi Sae performance is the highlight for me. So happy we got to see the mini-live. (Unlike Help Me!!..)


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