Morning Musume on the Tracks

Yesterday, Morning Musume had an event at Shibuya Ekiato. Reports say the two thousand person venue was a full house. That’s right … 2000 people on the dance floor.

The girls took a photo op on the defunct railroad tracks.

Hmmm. Morning Musume, railroad tracks …. what could go wrong?

I see Iikubo still has love for makankosappo ..

Honey and poor Ishida had their own private makankosappo session, too.

This started as a few pictures from the Morning Musume event, but know I’m just putting stuff up. I don’t care. It’s my birthday.
Look! Reina doesn’t give a shit either!

And Sayumi is wigging out!

Of course, I prefer to remember Sayu like this

Iikubo Haruna Sato Masaki, Suzuki Kanon, Fukumura Mizuki, Kudo Haruka, and Oda Sakura got to hang out a little at the studio.

Good to know PonPon got special time on the railroad tracks, too.

Speaking of PonPon, doesn’t Mizupon’s photobook cover look great?

And, dearest Eripon: you are the best. I smile everytime I see your face.



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