3 PV previews!

Today turned out to be a great day for me. Today we got previews from both PASSPO’s and Tokyo Girls’ Style’s upcoming singles. I will probably write a whole article on each of these releases, so I’ll just leave a couple of impressions from these previews.

First: the shorty. This Tokyo Girls’ Style release, “Unmei”, has the girls sporting a more mature look. I think they look incredible! They are made up more than usual; I am OK with this. The preview also shows us a variety of outfits from a short skirted black outfit to a colorful short dress. From the preview we can also see a bit of their always crisp choreography. Look at their solo closeups: flawless!

Next we have a pair of previews from PASSPO. Both songs get the girls back into upbeat cheerful songs. I suppose the songs are more “idol-like”. First there is “Step and Go”. This CG heavy preview has the girls on a boat, that turns into a plane. MioMio is featured heavily in both the center of the dance, solo vocals, and a large role in the PV. I also hear that she designed the outfits for this go-around! Watch as PASSPO save a hapless dinghy from certain disaster:

Keeping with the poppier sounds, PASSPO also gives us “Candy Room”. This song is stupidly catchy. I’m singing “Ah, ah-ah” over and over after listening to the preview. The girls give us a sleepover jam- damn those musicians are lucky. They also do some glamming in the hallway. We get lots of legs and lots of Negishi Ai. Lookin’ good, girls!


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