Hello Station 13- A Viewer’s guide

It’s a bit of a shock, but after Shimizu Saki’s blog announcement of her Berryz intentions she is hosting this edition of Hello! Station. Outfit check- she is wearing the outfit from the recent Berryz Kobo single “Asian Celebration“. We get a good look at those zebra stripes, finally!

The first video segment is C-ute preparing for their “Treasure Box” tour on April 20. We see the C-ute girls (and Kenshuusei/Juice=Juice girls) get out of their car and do some stretches. Then there’s some vocal exercises followed by a sound check. The sound check is nice since we here the girls harmonizing very clearly. Oh, and there’s a big pirate ship. This next statement should be no surprise: the girls take these preparations very seriously.

Next we get a concert clip from the show: “Crazy Kanzenna Onna“. Like some of the past concert previews from Hello! Station, this preview is a single camera long shot from the back of the room. We get a good look at the glowsticks, lasers, and the aforementioned pirate ship.

Have you always wanted to see Kumai Yurina fix her hair. I thought so. I’m sure someone out there will enjoy this segment; he might be in Baseball Bear.

Continuing the C-ute concert from earlier in the show, we get a concert performance of the recent single “Kono Machi“. Man, I really love the way Airi sings her lines in the chorus of this song. Let’s face facts: Airi is pretty perfect.

I’m beginning to wonder if they are ever going to bring back the solo vocal performances. I thought we all liked those!


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