Hello Station 14 – A Viewer’s Guide

I know I shouldn’t, but I feel a little bad that I didn’t get this out yesterday. I know the ten people reading this are probably super-bummed out that I’m late on the viewer’s guide and had to watch the whole episode. Cruelty, right?

Anyways, we get another week of Captain at the helm, so let’s enjoy, eh?
First we get some Berryz Koubou performing their new single “Golden Chinatown”. The wota are certainly up for this- screaming and waving their glowsticks like crazy. So, what the hell is up with those Mickey Mouse ears on Risako? I suppose I should be happy that she doesn’t have the horrible dye job. To tell the truth, the Berryz songs where Giant has the lead vocals tend to be my least favorite Berryz songs. I’m really curious about what Berryz will look/sound like in the next year. If we believe Captain, there should be a dramatic change in the quality of their performance. They’ve been stagnant for so long that almost any change would be remarkable. If you liked the performance, the release date for “Golden Chinatown” is June 19. Support your girls!

Next we get some backstage footage from Berryz. It’s only fair since Captain is the host this week. We start with the two oldest girls, Momoko and Captain, together. You know lots of folks hate on Momoko, and I get it. But she’s a girl trying to stay in the public eye while aboard a listing ship. If being generally annoying does the trick, then who am I to judge? I did think the bit at the end where Momo was embarrassed because Captain was trying to film her pink pajamas(?) was kinda cute.
Miyabi gets her turn next. She isn’t the least bit embarrassed about hanging out in a 100% pink PINK outfit. Risako starts eating next. Do we really need footage of her eating? It feels similar to filming Suzuki Kanon inhaling powdered donuts- well, maybe not that bad.
After the show (I think) Chinami appears to frighten the hell out of Captain and I get confused about chronology as Miya and Captain change INTO stage outfits in fast forward. It’s not as sexy as you might think…
There’s a quick digest of the concert, and those damn Mickey Ears on Risako!
Oh, and I think their stage bows at the end of the live are really cute. After the show Risako walks out looking a bit drunk (am I picking on her?) and Captain is emotional … and wearing striped ears.

More live Berryz Kobo follows. They perform the always popular “Yuujou Junjou oh Seishun” and genuinely look like they are having a great time. Thanks to the captions, I learned that the the girls are singing “Dear My Friends” in the half-time before the chorus. I would never have guessed.

The final segment is Berryz again starting with Maasa. I don’t get her. Sometimes, like in this clip, she looks quite nice. Sometimes she looks monstrous and perpetually puzzled. The rest of the girls take a turn on camera and we are DONE>

Well, this episode is great for the Berryz Kobo fans, and not much more. It shows a bit of the flaws of Berryz Kobo: most of the girls really don’t know how to sell themselves to the public. Say what you like about Momo, but she is the only Berry to have fashioned a character for herself. Miya may seem like Ice Queen/Queen Bitch, but this character doesn’t make her any more popular. Isn’t it sad that I’ve been watching Berryz Kobo for five years and the only thing I can say about Yurina is that she is tall and probably gave someone in BaseBall Bear a woody? That’s not right. Then again, I don’t have anything nearly as entertaining to say about the other girls (I’ve already picked on Risako enough).

So I wonder who the next host will be! I don’t think we’ve had a S/mileage host in a while, have we?


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