PASSPO – Candy Room PV

I know it has been a while since I posted anything substantial. My other responsibilities took its toll on both my time and my mental strength. It’s the same for all of you, I’m sure.
The real shame here was my inability to write about some great PVs that were released! I’m making a real effort to catch up with these releases starting with PASSPO.

If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a day, then you know that I have a real thing for the flight attendant girls. (Hopefully) like you, I’m watching their new television show as well. Let’s sum up this PV in a few words: playful, fun, a bit sexy.
The song keeps the rock sound but with a definite pop edge. It’s clear to me that they wanted a fun summer song so badly they included an addicting “ah-ah-ah” part in the song. Welcome to summertime- where catchy songs and fun time girls rules over all.
The girls look exhausted! I guess this is what happens when you’ve fly to Los Angeles, then Tokyo, and finally Germany

Who is this guy? Can I have his job?

The last time we saw PASSPO rock sleepwear was in their GPP (Girls Pajama Party) PV. And putting the girls in casual attire really emphasizes how fun these girls are.

The hallway of hotness

Anna grabs the sticks

and plays a little drums

As for the sexy, did you see these legs in the red and white uniforms?

Whoo! Legs!!

The girls do some (uncomfortable) boy chasing like a this was a Pink Panther movie. Shiori makes off with the guitar player like she’s Hirano Aya

They’re shocked! Whatever happened to “bros b4 hoes?” or whatever’s the girl equivalent ..

The pajama party scenes are shot with this aggressive vignette. I know this shot is just MioMio putting on some silly red shoes. Is it wrong that I think it’s kinda hot?

And then Anna modeling that top for Sako… ouch.


Finally, we get the girls tossing each other into the pool. To answer that question: yes, I did need a wet, nightgown clad PASSPO.
The pool line up …

The worst fake “I got pushed into the pool“!

You’re going in, too!

I guess they’re just gonna have a pool party while they are in there.

Mio wants me in there, I know it.

You can buy PASSPO “Candy Room/STEP & GO ” at CD Japan.

PS, here’s the last PASSPO order I received.


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