Juice=Juice in “SA-MI-DA-RE Girls It’s Crazy”

While I was sleeping, we got a new PV from Juice=Juice. You remember them, the ones who had that song with the saxophone that drove me crazy. The ones with H!P Jesus a.k.a. DWEEB in front. This time, we get “SA-MI-DA-RE Girls It’s Crazy” a song that isn’t really all that crazy. You can tell from the screenshot above that the PV starts all “Naichau Kamo” with the water droplets descending down a sheet of glass.
Let’s talk about the song first. As much as I disliked the saxophone in “Watashi ga …” I must concede that I liked the previous indie single more. Even with the brass accents and the guitar lead, I’m not blown away with the instrumentals. There’s something very old-style about this song that I can’t really articulate. The girls repetitively sing “SA-MI-DA-RE bijou …” during the chorus, which is probably what you will be doing as well (mission accomplished).
The set for the PV is predictably minimal. The recycled water effects I mentioned above makes an appearance in the close up shots of the girls. The main dance set is decorated with lanterns hung from above and spotlights illuminating from behind the girls. But mainly, much is done to keep the setting looking as black as possible. They’re probably in the same studio where they shot “Watashi ga …”

We also get the girls under parasol turning to face camera.

There are parts of this dance that are .. eh. I like the end of the chorus where the girls get down on one knee and slap the floor.

But I don’t like the sumo shove. Please, can we stop this move from ever being performed? Where’s the petition; I’ll sign right now.

Mostly, there’s way too much arm flailing for me.

Of course the girls make the most of the arm flails in the chorus. It works pretty well, but then the back line of girls are doing that weird squat. I’m not a fan of the squat unless it’s Reina’s yanki squat.

Girl check.
Aina starts off the song and has quite a few lines. It’s interesting that they use her so much in this unit considering she was cast off so many auditions. Actually, that describes all the girls in this unit, doesn’t it?

H!P Jesus is as energetic as ever. I don’t like her shorts, but that’s just personal taste.

DWEEB gets a few jumps

DWEEB gets a few kicks

and DWEEB, Aina, and Sayuki get Matrix on us.

Sayuki … I just can’t get into her.

Yuka was almost invisible in this PV. Where the hell did she go?

Why is she so off here?

Tomoko is the biggest mover for me. She has a very rich voice. Tomoko’s voice makes me think that there’s a dark character somewhere in there. That’s kinda titillating, no? I look forward to more of her.

And, Akari is still built like a ladder. A really cute ladder.

Well, there you have it. The girls are still as spunky as ever. It’s too bad they don’t a song that can showcase their talents properly. Hopefully that’s coming down the pipe. Hopefully, Yuka doesn’t disappear before that happens.

Watch the PV here!


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