Hello! Station 15 – A Viewer’s Guide

This week, we get Nakanishi Kana as our host.  You don’t know her?  I’m not totally surprised: she’s a part of the new S/mileage and is NOT named “Dracula”.  Kana gets the action going quickly with a performance of “Uchouten Love” by S/mileage.  I haven’t seen much of the new lineup performing this song- still too much feels.  I suppose watching this will be therapeutic.  Too be fair, they do a great job with this song, although I wish I got my Kanyon closeups!

Kanana keeps the pace brisk and almost immediately gives us S/mileage performing “Suki-chan”.  The girls are wearing the performance outfits for “Tabidachi ga …” and I really like the way the hooped mini-skirts move!    After the clip, she explains how the “Suki-chan” bridge works, in case you didn’t already know.

And, Kanana keeps on rolling, quickly tossing to the next clip where Makoto introduces Tsunku and Ogawa Makoto at a Kenshuusei event.  We see some Kenshuusei performances starting with “Uchouten Love” (again), and continuing with “The Matenrou Show”, and “Bye Bye Bye!”- they’re just dancing, though.   Next we have a crapload vocal performances from the eggs.  I’ll do the painstaking task of figuring out who’s who and what badge number they are wearing for you, starting with “Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai Jan!” from (1) Yoshihashi Kurumi, “Watashi Choito Kawai Urabancho” from (2) SASAKI RIKAKO (!!!!!), “Arigatou! Otomodachi” from (3) Hamaura Ayano, “Aitai Lonely Christmas” from (4) Taguchi Natsumi, “Uchouten Love” (AGAIN) from (5) Wada Sakurako, “Yumemiru 15” from (6) Nomura Minami, “Suki na Senpai” from (7) Kosuga Fuyuka(!), “Waratte! YOU” from (8) Kishimoto Yumeno, “Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~” from (9) Tanabe Nanami, “The☆Peace!” from (10) Makino Maria, “Daite yo! Please Go On” from (11) Kaneko Rie, “Maji Bomber!” from (12) Kaga Kaede, “First Kiss” from (13) Murota Mizuki, “Samui ne” from (14) Ichioka Reina, “Kono Machi” from (15) Yamagishi Riko, and finally “Furusato” from (16) Ogawa Rena (when I started this list, I didn’t think we would see EVERYBODY singing ….).

Ogawa Makoto then announces Wada Sakurako’s name … she won something.  Then Tsunku announces Tanabe Nanami as a winner!  I don’t know what she won, but I’m assuming it’s for this singing contest that we just watched.  Then Tsunku announces Tanabe as a winner again!  I really don’t know what they are winning here.

Next up is a performance from Juice=Juice of their latest indie single: “Samidare Bijou ga Samidareru“.   It’s nice to hear the song live- the girls really bring their spunkiness to this performance!  I have to admit that I like this song a lot more as performed live!

Kanana leaves us with Hagiwara MaiMai fixing her hair.  Yes, another thrilling hair segment …

Except, we get a bonus segment of Kanana playing keyboard!


4 responses

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  2. Bring back the solo singing segments arghh!!
    Other than that it was a pretty good episode.
    Really enjoy seeing the S/mileage performances because
    Take-chan really looks like a boy with those shorts xD


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