Tokyo Girls’ Style – “Unmei”

The latest offering from Tokyo Girls’ Style sees the girls pushing their way past adolescence.  Like most of their singles, we get a funky number with the distinctive TGS sound complete with wah guitars and a funky melodic synth bass.  The big news with this single is not the sound of it, but the look of the girls.  They are made up to look more mature than their actual ages.  And, shockingly, there are boys in this PV.  The boys are more like statues, sure, but they are boys.

Immediately, I am hit with how stylish everything in this PV looks. They seem to be shooting in a swanky ass hotel with marble floors, leather couches, mosaiced ceilings, and fountained courtyard. Kudos to the location scout: this place looks gorgeous.

Hitomi wanders around a bit

Grand staircases for Miyu

Red leather couches for Mei

This is a pretty cool ballroom for the dance shots

The girls sport two outfits in this one. Their dance show outfits are clad black with leg-baring shorts and miniskirts. They are accented with silver and clear gemstones.

They just love the loli booty shake, don’t they?

These outfits are a good thing, too. This is TGS, and the dance is a big selling point o the girls.

The other outfit in this PV is an color keyed dress. I didn’t know the TGS had member colors, did you? Hitomi wears red, Mei is blue. Yuri gets green while Mei sports pink. My girl, Ayano, gets yellow.

Yuri and Ayano, what are you doing?  BTW, these two happen to be my favorites.  Then again with only five girls, they can all be favorites!

Miyu and Mei get in on the couple action


The girls seem to have nearly-faceless boys around them at points in the PV. It feels like the boys are stalking the girls a bit and the girls are trying to ignore/fend off the advances of these guys..

Hitomi has a boy waiting in the hall.

Hey, man. Stop harassing Ayano!

That’s a nice fountain, Yuri.  What’s that dude doing there?

These shots of Mei and her legs really do it for me…

Hitomi gets chased into ballroom, and the rest of the girls appear to help her give the guy the “heave-ho”.

Great balls of fire

Ayano says, FLAME ON!

Subtle and not so subtle, the girls dismiss their suitors.

Yuri would rather have the rest of her ephemeral youth, symbolized by the falling sakura blossoms.

Ayano pushes the hand away from her.

Even though TGS are playing with fire, they clearly don’t need the boy action just yet.  Or do they?

If you can indulge me for a  minute, I need to talk about my problems with the song.  Even though the chorus melody is nice and strong, something is wrong with this song.  Remember that synth bass I talked about earlier?  Yeah, its WAY TOO BUSY.  It seems that the producers fell in love with this sound, because there whole stretches of time where the only thing happening is that busy-ass synth bass.  I would have preferred a nice round sounding real bass.  The real problem, though, is the producer of this song forgot that the song is about the girls, and not the “neato” synth bass instrumentals.  I want the girls.  Bring me the girls!  Is that too much to ask?

You can buy “Unmei” at CDJapan.


5 responses

  1. Grown up? Still no Mizugi tho >.<

    Any way, I don't know much about music and I care that much but this song sounded a little too familiar to me. Like they had sang it before. I hope that is not a bad thing ^^


    • I wouldn’t hold my breath for mizugi shots of the girls- they don’t seem like that kind of group. Then again, you never know!

      I think them being more grown up, but not yet grown up is the point of the PV!

      Their singles all have a very similar sound palette. This is good and bad, of course.


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