Perfume’s “Magic of Love”

Can I talk about Perfume? Well, I’m going to talk about this new PV regardless. And, I’m going to pretend that we all know about Perfume already- a pretty safe assumption, I think. Because who listening to Japanese music doesn’t know Perfume by now?

The song “Magic of Love” is an easy, enjoyable listen. Personally, I love when Perfume is either super poppy sounding (“Natural ni Koishite“) or incomprehensibly machine-like (“Edge“). Melodically, “Magic of Love” reminds me quite a bit of “Spring of Life“, which is probably a good thing if you are me (which you are not). Surprisingly for Perfume, the vocals are not processed beyond recognition. In fact, you can easily tell the difference between Nochi, Aa-chan, and Kashiyuka.

The only think I really have complaints about is the abrupt fanfare ending. Surely, there is a better way to end this?

This PV is also similar to many of Perfume’s previous work. The visual tomfoolery is unrelentless! Almost every setup has some trick. Even their outfits are trickery, being patterned after the wallpaper of the different sets. Even the different sets are trickery as they are sections of wall from the same “room”. A look at my favorite tricks:

Aachan appears from the red circle


the sling-shot track shot

The moebius strip

Seeing double

the confetti falls upward!

In the unlikely event you are an idol fan, yet have not checked out Perfume … what are you waiting for?

You can buy “Magic of Love” at CDJapan

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