PASSPO – “Step and Go”

Do you like your idols with CG graphics? Have I got the PV for you. PASSPO’s “Step and Go” has the “B class idols” (See Shaku-Uma TV) in a variety of CG scenarios, like they are components of video games. In fact, at some point, they literally become a video game!
We are told that MioMio designed the outfits for “Step and Go”, so she rightfully gets a spot in center for most of this PV. The video begins with the girls on a boat that veers wildly and transforms into an airship to avoid certain destruction via waterfall.
Some map reading

Mio sees the problem


Note the girls singing infront of rainbows. I like.

For here, the girls are pictured in other scenarios. They play a card game …

Riding a dragon?

A Mario style game?

How about a Final Fantasy style RPG?

Light sabers?

Flying around on hoverboards like they were from Eureka Seven?

Raising their flag.

I’m still not sure that the yellow and red makes them look like waitresses at a McDonalds. I’d visit the PASSPO McDonalds.

I wish we saw more of the choreography for this PV. The little one legged hop move is kinda interesting. I’m not sure how they managed to link arms- this group has got some shorties!

Look at Makoto’s face: saucy!

Oh, and how about these robot things? Their faces remind me of the robots in “Laputa: Castle in the Sky“.

Well, this PV is a piece of fluff. Aside from the catchy chorus, there isn’t much emotional residue from “Step & Go”. All of my favorite PASSPO songs leave an emotional impact by the chorus, which is regrettably not the case for this song. Not that this is necessarily bad; but, of the two A-sides, I just prefer “Candy Room” over this song. I know I said CG, but I didn’t say GOOD CG.

You can buy “Steph & Go” at CDJapan

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