So long, Tanaka Reina

I don’t know how this snuck up on me, but before I knew it my initial favorite in Morning Musume is gone. I think I might have a skinny girl thing …

Even though she’s got a laughably asymetric face

When I saw my first Morning Musume concert, Sexy 8 Beat, Reina was the first girl to catch my eye. She was always smiling and winking and had that glitter in her hair. I know the chief criticism of Reina is that she is still winking and has perpetual glitter in her hair, but as a new fan she was exactly what I wanted to see.

I was glad to be able to see her improve as a vocalist. No, she is not going to be a powerhouse singer. She does more than hold her own, however. Reina’s vocal presence grew with every single, as did the number of lines she sang.


THE Manpower

Kanashimi Twilight

Resonant Blue

Shouganai Yume Oibito

Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

Maji Desu ka Ska!

One Two Three

Rock no Teigi

What makes me the most sad about Reina’s graduation is her newfound likability. I’ve always thought of Reina as the aloof, bitchy girl who was cooler than everyone. In her old age, Reina got closer to Sayu and her Kouhai- especially Masaki. I’ve never seen Reina smile so much as she has these last few months with these girls. In fact, you could say that Reina got more likable with this new generation of girls.

She’s the classic tsundere. On the outside, she is a lone wolf, a badass, a yankii.

On the inside, she is a girly girl who wants to be loved.

I hope Reina’s new career in LoVendoR will be fruitful! Good luck, Reina. Daisuki!


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