BiS – New members “DiE”

Keeping up with BiS, major changes have happened. Members Wakisaka Yurika and Terashima Yufu (Wacky and Yufui) have graduated from the group. In the wake of these graduations, we have new members. Joining Pour Lui, Nozomi and Mitchel will be Kamiya Saki, Tentenko, and First Summer Uika. Like all things BiS, the girls are not conventional looking idols. They must be special to voluntarily join a group like BiS. I can’t wait to see if they will be wielding those nailed baseball bats. Frankly, the news of Yufui’s and Wacky’s departure did put a damper on the euphoria of the last two singles (PPCC was sooo good). The new members have energized the group for me, and I hope there will be no more momentum loses in the near future.

We also have a new single and PV to talk about here. “DiE” makes me uncomfortable for all sorts of reasons- this is a good thing. “DiE” is a Cinema Verite style PV. The girls are all in various states of undress. They have just been a part of some unseen traumatic event and are dealing with the aftermath. The song matches the desperation of the PV with a wonderful melody that feels like it is searching for truth. The guitar drive is backed with a piano counter melody, noodling bass line, and a synth backs.
Pour Lui is seemingly naked, lying flat on her back in confession.

Nozomi stares at herself in the mirror, trying to face herself.

Mitchel looks beaten, confessing to the camera- close to the window of escape.

The new girls get into the PV as well. Saki hides in the closet at the point of tears.

Uika stands at the kitchen.

Tenten seems an objectified little Japanese doll.

There’s a sequence of shots of the girls’ feet. Is this kink or escape?


I have to reiterate that these images really disturb me. I might be a little sensitive. As a piece of filmmaking, this PV definitely emotes a desperation that is unexpected among the scores of vapid summer PVs that we will see this summer. This release seems like one of the best I have seen from BiS so far- thought provoking, well-executed, and musically interesting. Well done, BiS. How am I going to look at Mizuki’s photobook after watching this?

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