Berryz Kobo – “Golden Chinatown”

It’s one of the universal truths of 244. Berryz Kobo is better when they are stupid. Remember “Monkey Dance“? Loved it. “Seishun Bus Guide” and “Ryussei Boy” are equally silly and just as loved. “Madayade” doesn’t make the list. Whoever had the idea to sex up the Berryz is misguided about their appeal. Look at them! They are a motley crew if I ever saw one! So, how does “Golden Chinatown” stack up?

“Golden Chinatown” is another Berryz disco tune. The eastern sounding synths and their melody actually bothers me in the same way that the last Phoenix release bothered me. Even if they’re Japanese, I won’t give them a free pass on this. Verses and choruses pass; I’m more into chorus so “mission accomplished” on that fight. Musically, if the Tsunku disco sound is your thing, you’ll dig this one as well.

What am I looking at here?

The promotional video for “Golden Chinatown” is the dance-shot and close-up PV with which H!P fans are too familiar. Even though I’m not a huge gold outfit fan, I don’t see these as too offensive. Miya has bare shoulders, Risako, Maasa, and Giant have mesh shoulders, and the rest of the girls fall somewhere in between epaulettes and straps.








The floor and the red draped backgrounds lead me to believe that they shot this PV in the same studio that they shot Morning Musume’s “Brainstorming”, “Kimi Sae…” and “One-Two-Three” and more. The girls dance in front of vertical light bars that flash in member colors during close-ups. In other words, nothing new.

The girls, bless them, dance away as best they can. They do their best to make jazz hands, pointing and thrusting, and one weird cat move look good.

I’m OK with this posing business at the end of the chorus.

Captain does her best to sell the PV. Really, she seems to be trying harder than most of the girls. And, she is looking pretty fantastic these days.

Can we talk about Risako?

I’ll admit it. I have a Miya thing going on.

Momo still has her Momochi look in this PV.

I hate to say she’s a problem, but it must be so difficult to choreograph with Giant. Where do you put her?

They’re putting her next to Momo just to mess with us..

And I just don’t know what to do with Maasa and Chinami. They never seem to do enough to stand out. Captain used to be in this category, but has broken out a little bit. Just a little bit.

This is really asymmetric

This ranks just above middle of the road for me. Even with all the silly Tsunku wordplay, “Golden Chinatown” is not nearly foolish enough for me. The song is better than the PV, but I just don’t know on this release.

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