S/mileage – “Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!/Yattaruchan”

I was looking through the clutter on my desk and I found these letters written to each side of the new S/mileage single. Is it just me, or is the double-A side trick just a clever way to get UF to pay for multiple PV’s on a single release? These two sides couldn’t be more different. I think this release might be a way for Tsunku to read the winds and decide on a direction for S/mileage. It’s obvious which of the two sides I prefer.
———————————–Letter One———————————–

“Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!”,
Is this more of S/mileage growing up? You jammed the girls into belly-button baring blazers (how is that possible?) and micro-miniskirts. What is this- an attempt to make S/mileage more like C-ute?

Do I need to see Kanyon rubbing her chest suggestively? I love the girl, but I just don’t know…

Their make up looks a bit ridiculous to my eyes especially in the dark solo spots. Was that supposed to look edgy and gritty?

How about that white room dance shot? It really highlights the skin and hair on the girls.

And this bridge! What is that choreography? Isn’t that just everyone have a seizure?

I know the girls are growing up fast, but this seems like they are singing someone else’s single.

Regardless of the rest of the PV, the Dracula-chan love fest begins here. She sounds great and looks … um, she’s taller?

It might be my eyes, but it seems like the only ones who are really into this PV are Dracula-chan (who is enthusiastic about everything) and Dawa (who probably wants the more adult S/mileage). This is not the S/mileage I signed up for. It’s a good thing that this is a double-A side, because this alone won’t work for me.

———————————–Letter Two———————————–

“Yattaruchan” … how much have I played you already? Why is it that I already adore you? Can it be your persistent, pleasing drive? You make me happy in a way that “Uchouten Love” made me happy way back in 2011. You are the sound of optimism. Your one note samba (without the samba) rings out like an anthem.

Believe it or not, I actually like your black and pink pleather outfits. Yes, it may be a low rent version of SNSD, but that doesn’t mean you are bad.

Your choreography has a kick line!

Can I talk about how much I love Kanana’s monologues? I think I might have a megaphone fetish.

I don’t even mind the fake guitar playing!

“Yattaruchan”, you made Take-chan sound natural. This is good!

And Dracula-chan, you are sounding less like the lovable goofball and more like a great singer. You are even looking less like a scary Japanese voodoo doll!

How can it be that a S/mileage with less Kanyon is a better S/mileage? The other girls are now shining, and this is good. You see, “Yattaruchan”, the girls finally look like they are having fun. Isn’t this what we wanted all along?

You can buy “Atarashii Watashi ni Nare / Yattaruchan” at CD Japan.

7 responses

  1. I.. don’t precisely dislike Yattaruchan but I think it would have been nicer if the song had… more variance? It sounds like about 6 notes were used. That said the lyrics are interesting so that’s good.

    I’m just happy that S/Mileage is no longer wholly squeaking girls squeaking. That said, doing old style smileage songs would have been kind of a waste for Meimi’s voice.


    • I definitely know why you are saying. Yattaruchan isn’t going to win any songwriting awards this year. Those six notes are hammered into your head, though! I still think that the way the simple melody works with the chord changes reminds me of One Note Samba.


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