Hello! Station 20 – A Viewer’s Guide

This is a change. From all I’ve been reading on twitter, Hello! Station #20 episode is packed with PVs! Well, I’ll be writing a long form review for two of the PV’s in this episode, so don’t expect more than a few words in this viewer guide.
Our 1 hour extravaganza begins with the new Hello! Pro Kenshuusei PV for “Ten Made Nobore”. Since when did the Kenshuusei have PV and songs? It’s a dance shot in front of a cyc, like most of the lower budget PVs that H!P produce. Still, the girls get their own outfits, which is different than the H!P hand-me-downs that they usually get. Believe me, this is a good trend. They have a very talented crop of young girls now. H!P better do right by these girls and give them great projects.

Did we mention that Chinami is the host here? Like the last Hello! Station, Chinami probably isn’t going to talk a whole lot, except to toss the camera to the next segment. That next segment is the soon-to-debut Juice=Juice performing “Watashi ga iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne” and “Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru” at Sunshine City. They’re wearing the outfits for “Ten Made Nobore”, so this is a pretty recent look at the girls. The girls are missing Otsuka Aina, who was out for a hip injury. And, Uemu is still skinny.
This event was MC’d by Tsugunaga Momoko who was in full Momochi mode (you can tell by the pig tails). Tsunku makes a voice only appearance to spring a surprise on the girls… which you all know already (I think). The girls will make a major debut with the song “Romance no Tochuu”. Additionally, the Miyaki Yuka was designated as leader and Kanazawa Tomoko was given the title subleader. It seems that most of the Hello! fans are already supporting this group, and I wish them the best, too. I can’t wait for them to wear their first ridiculous monkey outfit, or chicken outfit, or fish outfit, or banana tree outfit.

Next we get some live Kenshuusei action. This digest includes short performances starting with “Ten no Nabare” and “Wakuteka Take a Chance” and finishes with “Kanojo Ni Naritai“. Some observations are in order. In general, the Juice=Juice girls are the better performers. Kaneko Rie needs a debut- she isn’t going to get much better in the eggs and is already solid all around. The camera loves Sasaki Rikako– or maybe it’s just me looking for her all the time.

Last week we got a dance shot version of “Sayonara Usotsuki”. This week we get a dance shot of “Golden Chinatown“. I’ve already mentioned that this song doesn’t really do anything for me. So, I’ll just keep my mouth shut with this dance shot.

The next PV debut here is C-ute’s “Kanashiki Amefuri”. This PV will get a full, screen-capped review in the coming days. I’ll say that it only took about 10 seconds of this PV before I was impressed.

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