Hello! Pro Kenshuusei – “Ten Made Nobore”

Let’s get it out of the way: this is a low budget PV. There is nothing to see here other than the girls in a white cyc dancing. Nope, not even a dance shot/one shot PV! And for plot- forget about it. Giving the trainee unit a “better” PV is probably a waste of precious resource. This does seem to be the start of something bigger, though. Hello! Project Kenshuusei (trainees) never got their own song before, let alone a PV. Since the PV we’re looking at is the “Zero-edit version”, a proper PV should be a few days away.

It’s been a long since we’ve seen a release that was a straight up “idol” song like “Ten Made Nobore”. It’s filled with hopeful lyrics like “Come let’s sing a song full of dreams, a song that makes us smile” and “This star loves you, so I want to reply full of love” or “Let’s shine! Go up higher!”. There isn’t an ounce of the pessimism to be found here- which is appropriate considering these girls have nothing BUT dreams at this time in their life. The instrumental track is filled with pleasing synth padding accented with trumpets- think a less aggressive Juice=Juice.

The song is a great showcase for the talent base that Hello! Project has built up over the last 5 years (the longest serving Kenshuusei/Egg is Kaneko Rie (15) who joined Hello! Project in 2008). The girls are similarly styled with unfettered straight or wavy black hair crowning a shiny black lapelled vinyl (?) top. A black skirt and white boots complete the picture. These girls are idols, so there’s lots of midriff and leg which might make some people uncomfortable. Every one of them look cute- quite an accomplishment. This single outfit is one of my favorites from all of H!P’s last year’s worth of singles: clean, flattering, and eye-catching.

It’s natural that your eye will be drawn to Juice=Juice first. They are in the front row of the formation and dominate the center focus. And, it’s difficult not to focus on someone like H!P Jesus, who is energetic, sharp, and is always smiling for the camera (ever other time I paused the video for screen caps, there was Karin smiling). The rest of the girls are unknown to most casual H!P followers. This is their time to shine!

The most exposed moment occurs in the second verse as each of the three lines of girls get a solo shot.

Looking at the PV frame by frame, it’s easy to see which girls are ready for prime time. Some of the girls look great in every frame, and smile at the camera with their eyes. They look like they are in motion and not flat-footed. See if you can tell…

Much like “Yattaruchan”, this is a song that Hello! Project needed. None the griping about electro-Musume, or racist-Berryz, or slutty-C-ute can be levelled at the girls in this release. The girls are here simply to make you smile as they work their hardest towards their eventual, hopeful debut. If you think the struggles of bunch of young girls can give you inspiration for your daily life, then idol music and this song are for you.

You can buy “Ten Made Nobore” at CDJapan

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  2. The only “meh” thing for me was that not all Kenshuusei were in this video (Tanapyon, Kurumin, Murotan and Kaedi were backdancers for the °C-ute tour as far as I was told), but I think that it’s ok. Each Kenshuusei had a good shot where it could be seen clearly. I’m also generally glad that more and more H!P (or one-group) fans seem to have a look at what H!P Kenshuusei has to offer. I think that this video might have helped in this case.


    • I think you’re right- the H!P community seems to be paying a lot more attention to the Kenshuusei lately. I only hope H!P will continue to give their trainees exposure like this.


  3. You mention that the Kenshuusei haven’t had a song of their own before this, but don’t forget about “Kanojo ni Naritai!!” being their first song and their first indies release (albeit only a selection of them did the recording). 🙂


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