C-ute – “Kanashiki Amefuri” PV

These double-A sides! All of the major Hello! Project groups released a double-A in this latest release cycle. Most of the time this means a decrease in the quality. H!P has struggled with this- the latest releases offer little more than the dance-shot/close-up style PV. Today I have the first PV from the latest C-ute release “Kanashiki Amefuri” cued up and ready to play. I’m glad that this go around gives the girls multiple outfits (unlike One-Two-Three/The Matenrou Show). On the other hand, H!P tends to spend a disportionate amount of attention to its C-ute releases. Which ethic will come out on top?!

This PV was revealed in the recent Hello! Station 20. Count it: this song alone has four costumes (if you include the raincoats). The added bonus here is the wearability of the outfits- I could see the entire wardrobe worn out in public. I’m sure Ishida Ayumi is jealous she can’t take these clothes home.

“Kanashiki Amefuri” sees the girls playing models in a photo shoot. From the photographic evidence, I think they make nice looking models! Much of the PV is shot so that the backdrop and lighting of the make-believe photoshoot are exposed like set pieces. They have been jilted by a lover who now drown their sorrows in the rain (who would dump any of these girls?). Something like that. Or this is just an excuse for them to strike a pose or two.

There’s some great hairography.

Another strong point with C-ute is their dancing.

The video is edited with some split screen action. This gives the impression of watching a 70’s spy thriller.

The other point here is the rain shots. The girls look like they have a gardening hose pointed at them. It’s still nice of them to dance while sopping wet like that. You should appreciate it! I appreciate it!

Well, this all looks good, but how is the song? Well, I can say that that this release doesn’t stray too far from the Tsunku style of late. It’s not wildly experimental or electro, there is no wub, and it’s not hyperactive. I would classify this as squarely pop. There is a nice 80’s groove in the intro that makes appearances throughout the song. Some tasty skat singing and ooh’s and aahs also pepper the instrumental. The “wacky Tsunku synth” shows up as the main melodic instrument. Despite all of this, the song actually doesn’t do a whole lot for me. The melodies don’t seem to go anywhere, or lead to anything. Tsunku has the makings of something that could have been really special, yet couldn’t find the killer hook to finish the job. I won’t blame you if you like the song, there are some great things in it. I just can’t wholly endorse it for myself.

You can buy “Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma” at CDJapan


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    • I don’t know about “usual H!P MV”. There are a variety of shots and outfits. The split screen shots are rarely used by H!P, and they are used with great effect in this PV.

      I agree with you. This is an impressive release! I hope translates to results in the Oricon chart.


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