C-ute “Adam to Eve no Dilemma”

Remember what I said yesterday? These Double-A sides are such a grind. I had half a mind not to write anything about C-ute’s “Adam to Eve no Dilemma”, but after seeing the PV, I think it would have been a mistake. I like my idols to look good, and C-ute definitely look great in this PV. Like most “sexy” C-ute videos, the girls show plenty of leg and midriff in their emerald green outfits. The PV features enough chest thrusting and hip rolling to make a puritan cry “Witch!”

Some lip service should be paid to the other half of this single, “Kanashiki Amefuri“. The entire wardrobe budget seems to have been spent on “Kanashiki”, so the girls are slumming here in their greens. Which makes me wonder, why green?

Oh, that’s why.

Most Hello! Fans look to see if the background member gets any front time. In C-ute’s case, this means anyone not named Airi or Maimi. I’m sure somebody squealed with joy when he saw Chisato centering the dance.

The girls thrust and gyrate like Vegas showgirls in this PV. This is actually Eve’s dilemma: how can idols sex up their moves while maintaining a squeaky clean image? That’s a dilemma that I don’t even want to dissect.

This song is supposed to have something to do with Adam and Eve, so the girls are tossed onto a bed littered with red apples. That’s good enough for Japan. These scenes to be more erotically charged than your standard H!P idol PV. Or am I just projecting?

Lyrically, the song seems to be about a love as a binding relationship. The dance shot reflects this nicely with the girls dancing inside a cage built from chains adorned with heart charms. Think about surrounding your favorite figma in charm bracelets and you’ll get the idea here. The chains give the viewer a nice foreground upon which depth of composition can be built.

Here’s some nice small group shots of the girls

Like “Kanashiki Amefuri”, this song also features the crazy Tsunku synth. “Adam to Eve no Dilemma” also delves much deeper into the experimental sound box than its coupling song. The end of each of the song’s musical components grooves with a half-time kitchen sink of electro sounds. Is it wub or is it Tsunku emptying out his sound banks? As for personal taste, I think “Adam to Eve…” has a much stronger chorus than “Kanashiki…” even though the song itself seems to be more paint-by-numbers. On the other hand, “Kanashiki…” has that bitchin’ groove…

The big take-away for me is “MaiMai sure has grown up”

You can buy “Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma” at CDJapan


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