Hello! Station #21 – A Viewer’s Guide

This 21st edition of Hello! Project Station brings us S/mileage’s Takeuchi Akari for host. Take-chan was one of my initial favorites from the S/mileage second generation auditions, but my favoritism was based mainly on her experience as an Egg. For a while, I got a little bored with her and her wild singing voice. Her performance in “Yattaruchan” brought my opinion of her up a little.

As a special treat, she brings Nakanishi Kana aboard as well. This is completely natural since Kanana is the leader of the Yattaruchan campaign(?). I don’t know what the campaign is meant to accomplish other than increased sales for the (opinion) wonderful single.

We join Kanana and Takechan at an event at Tower Records for Yattaruchan campaign. They spread lots of Yattaruchan feelings and sign posters for their fans. The store is willing to help out by playing S/mileage over their PA system. Even more exciting, the girls get Tower Records aprons and name tags! Later in the segment, Kanana dons her Yattaruchan outfit and greets people on the street and in and office building. It must be a great day when you can randomly see a strange S/mileage gorilla on the street. Extra props go to the hyperventilating girl wota at the 15 minute mark. Kanana also does a nice job graffiti-ing a news rack with a Yattaruchan sticker …

The Dance Shot Version PV for “Yattaruchan plays next. We all know that S/mileage is not known for their dancing. But, if it isn’t obvious already, I love this release. I welcome more offerings of S/mileage’s goofy choreography. And, I honestly like the kick lines that show off the girls’ legs. It’s fun, energetic, goofy, and gives off that “Yattaruchan” feeling.

Berryz Kobo support’s their “Golden Chinatown/Sayonara Usotsuki” with a performance of “Golden Chinatown”. In this single camera version, we see the choreography at an angle to the left of the stage. The music sounds like it’s not coming off of the board, and you can hear the wota chanting along. I don’t know the location of this event. The giant door and columns wouldn’t look out of place in a European-style church, and you can clearly see impromptu lighting equipment.

This is an episode of Dance Shot versions, isn’t it? C-ute really want to show off their skills with “Adam to Eve no Dilemma“. There’s even more chest-thumping and hip-action than I thought based on the regular PV that I saw. You know, all of this reminds me of the chest thrusting that C-ute did when they were just learned how to tie their own shoes (this). They’ve gotten better since then, BTW.

A short interview with Juice=Juice’s Takagi Sayuki closes out Hello! Pro Station #21. Even if your favorite J=J girl is not Sayubee, you are at least treated to “Ten Made Nobore” as background music!

3 responses

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  2. Yattaruchan has been stuck in my head and i keep replaying the video
    again and again lol. The genkiness and flailing of the dance is just epic.
    Even Rinapuu who is usually reserved seems to enjoy herself…
    Really hope Yattaruchan will be the breakout song for S/mileage.


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