BiS “Mura Mura” PV

First of all … wow. Brandnew Idol Society shows no mercy in this PV. “Mura Mura” is an exercise in perversion, the state of idols, and the state of wota. From the bald caps and plaid skirts to a “pup tent”, BiS ridicule the viewer, and they ridicule themselves. They simultaneously give the viewers a middle finger and a wink, all the while knowing that we’re going to eat it up regardless.

There are a few images that you’re not going to forget anytime soon. Firstly, the girls’ heads are shaved at the beginning of the PV. They wield the nail bats around Tokyo while pushing … someone around in a wheelchair. The rest of the PV is focused on the disgusting kidnap of an unsuspecting wota and his subsequent torture. The thing is, the wota in question is enjoying his torture. In fact, he is visibly aroused.

These bald heads and punk’d out plaid outfits … is anyone thinking anything other than AKB48 and Minegishi? BiS cast themselves as the “disgraced” idols and expose how little idol purity means in the idol world. It doesn’t matter anymore: wota will adore the idols if they are shamed, bald, or even violently attacking him.

How do they capture wota? The girl in the wheelchair spews a milky liquid from a face in her crotch. This fluid spill causes the guy to slip and knock himself unconscious. I can’t make that up.

The BiS girl in the wheelchair, Tenten (I couldn’t ID her, but Yoshi from New School Kaidan could!) is a proxy for Minigishi. She is exacting her revenge on this poor guy who probably wants to go home and make some cup ramen. She spies her victim through eyeholes in a magazine. Is this simply an expression of shame or a metaphor for calculated media manipulation? Even if she is bald and crippled, her “pussy power” ensnares him.

The subdued victim is scalded with a boiling tomato sauce(?) and repeatedly shot with milk soaked sponges. If my eyes didn’t deceive me and he is being tortured with milk and tomatoes, this is the symbolic equivalent of torture with purity (milk white) and domestic happiness (tomatoes). While tortured, the camera focuses on this poor guys crotch revealing his arousal. His erection morphs into a mountain peak that spews more milky liquid. (I can’t make that up either). Let’s get this straight- our victim is stung/abused by domestic happiness and purity, yet he derives sexual pleasure from the abuse. Sound like anyone you know?

Sometimes a mountain is just a mountain. But, not in this case.

Does BiS mean to tell us that we love idols even though they torture us? I think we can all acknowledge the difficulty of adoring our favorite idols (AKB, Morning Musume, or anyone else take your pick). A look at our bank statements is evidence enough to this torture. OR, do we love the idols BECAUSE they torture us? Didn’t Minegishi Minami rank 18 in the recently concluded AKB election? Isn’t our crowned queen Sashihara Rino a veteran of scandals? What do we want from these girls? What kind of a sick relationship do we have with these girls?

The real stinger here is the cover of the “Mura Mura” magazine. The blank mannequin head detailed with nail bats asks “Who Killed Idol?” Did these disgraced, irregular, irreverent idols kill it? Or did the masochistic wota kill it?

Such a shame. I haven’t even talked about the music, yet! Let’s just say that I spent a lot of time playing in a ska/punk band in my post-high school years.

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