Hello! Project Ranking 2013

Every now and again it’s good to do one of these … not that it means anything. Now that we are including Juice=Juice in Hello! Project and “Yattaruchan” is fresh in my memory, how did things change?

And now the (unsurprising) winner

Complete list is the following:

Look at the huge leaps for Nakanishi Kana and Tamura Meimi! The biggest decreases were Dawa, Maimi, Chinami, and Saki. There it is- the Hello! Project Kids are losing it in favor of the Eggs!

Anyways, share your top 5 with me! You can take the quiz here (You will either need to be able to read the names or identify the girls from a picture, btw)

8 responses

  1. 1. Tsugunaga Momoko
    2. Suzuki Airi
    3. Fukumura Mizuki
    4. Yajima Maimi
    5. Shimizu Saki

    Top 5 hasn’t changed much since when I did it last year. However 6-10 has been taken over by kyu-jyuukies.


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  3. 1. Karin. 6. Airi
    2. Akari. 7. Chisato
    3. Sayumi 8. Miyabi
    4. Tomoko. 9. Meimi
    5. Haruka. 10. Mizuki
    I decided to share my top ten since it was 100 % accurate!


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  5. 1. Yajima Maimi
    2. Suzuki Airi
    3. Miyazaki Yuka
    4. Otsuka Aina
    5. Uemura Akari
    6. Yurina Kumai
    7. Shimizu Saki
    8. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    9. Sugaya Risako
    10. Fukumura Mizuki


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