Hello! Station #22- A Viewer’s Guide

S/mileage’s Takeuchi Akari gets us going this week as the latest host. How do I feel about Take-chan? When I watched the S/mileage 2nd gen auditions, I favorited Take-chan pretty early because of her experience and her interesting voice. Her control did not improve very much since her induction into S/mileage, and she lost ground to Meimi and Kana in my internal rankings. Not to mention her lips- they bother me. Akari doesn’t waste any time and tosses us quickly to C-ute. Ladies and gentlemen, we have …
Live C-ute from their pirate ship! The girls tease us with clips of “CRAZY Kanzenna Otona“, “Kaneshiki Amefuri“, “Kono Machi”, and more! A surprise here is the clip of the Kenshuusei performing “Massara Blue Jeans”. That’s a surprise until we see awesome screen magic as C-ute fighting pirates! Holy Crap! This concert looks like a great time- very entertaining. Did I mention the pirate fighting? I can’t wait to see how their Budokan concert will play. Am I imagining things, or does the staging of this concert surpass the average Hello! concert…

More clips of Nakanishi Kana and Take-chan taking “Yattaruchan” to the people! You know, I really like these outfits. And, when I listen to the song, I look forward to Dracula-chan lines! After the duo’s events at Tower Records, we get a digest of the S/mileage’s promotional event at a bowling alley (they bowl), and Nakanishi Kana’s radio promotions. I really hope that “Atarshi Watashi ni Nare/Yattaruchan” sells well. It’s their best single since “Uchouten Love” way back when they were still a 4-nin group. Good luck girls!

Speaking of the new S/mileage single, the next clip is the dance shot of “Atarashi Watashi ni Nare”. The Dance Shot’s lack of a center camera shot for the ridiculous bridge choreography disappoints me greatly. I wanted that train wreck. Badly.

Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi and Iikubo Haruna do some giggling together.

The last segment of the show is an interview with Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka. Since they interviewed Takagi Sayuki last week, they will most likely interview the rest of the Juicy girls in the coming weeks.


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