Ikuta Erina 16th Birthday Event

Look at that! Another event for Ikuta Erina! AND, we have audio clips from the event! Even though she is virtually absent in every Morning Musume single, this girl manages to wrangle up solo events for her wota. Eripon has managed a solo bus tour in Hawaii, her infamous Niigaki Risa bus tour Wotapon extravaganza (OK, that was really a Niigaki event), and the Niigaki fan club event (also a Niigaki event). Am I forgetting any other events?

Of course, her 16th birthday event brought Iikubo Haruna and Oda Sakura along for the ride … and, most of the girls get birthday events. Whatever, this is HER birthday godammit. What we have here is five songs from the event thanks to YouTube user AmberSan. Eripon gets the reputation for being a God-awful singer- Pretty much the worst singer not named Michishige.

Frankly, I would rather listen to Eripon’s warbly notes than some of the past Musume’s vocal whinings (I’m looking at YOU, Miracle). And, be honest: Ikuta Erina is not the worst singer you’ve ever heard. She works hard to improve her singing and made great strides to become a serviceable voice. Is anyone else working to improve themselves? Anyone else out there taking their limited talent and training themselves to the limit of their capability? The legendary John Wooden says, “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” Eripon doesn’t need to become the next Takahashi Ai, Fujimoto Miki, Goto Maki, or Abe Natsumi. Eripon just needs to become the best Eripon possible. (Same for you too, Riho)

OK, let’s get some music up in here! Starting off with Eripon’s solo version of “Yowamushi”

Shanimuni Paradise (Ikuta, Iikubo, Oda)

Shinnen dake wa tsuranukitoose (Ikuta, Iikubo, Oda)

Koe (Ikuta solo) This gives you a great listen to Erina’s voice.

Otome no Timing (Ikuta, Iikubo, Oda) This is such a fun song!

Let me know if the links go down, please! I’ll get new ones up ASAP.

2 responses

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  2. Aww ❤ Eripon's come so far since her early singing days–to barely being able to hold a tune in a screechy pitchy voice to having a very serviceable, and kind of sweet tone is just quite amazing. She's gonna take over, and she's gonna do it one day at a time. 🙂


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