Hello! Station 24- A Viewer’s Guide

This week, we start off immediately with Morning Musume announcing their 54th single “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke / Ai no Gundan”! Release date for the new single is 8/28/13. Yes, another double A-side wormed its way into Hello! Project’s release schedule.

This is Hagiwara Mai’s second week as host. Maybe the best thing to do is compare MaiMai’s 1st photobook cover with her upcoming photobook cover. I won’t bother saying which one is which; it’s obvious.

Our first clip is a live performance by Berryz Kobo performing “Maji Good Chance Summer“, the CW track to “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance“. Following this, Berryz performs “Koi wa Hipparidako” from their first album. I don’t know what inspired the flashback to seldom performed songs. I’m overjoyed to hear these deep cuts. I prefer my Berry on the happy-go-luck/nutty side. They’re not built to be a powerful dance group like C-ute, and they should stop these efforts to rebrand them into a more mature unit.

A digest of S/mileage’s “Yattaruchan” campaign follows the Berryz. This plays like another PV for the song “Yattaruchan” inter-spliced with handshakes and behind the scenes footage. The whole time I watched the clip, I mused on how much easier it must be to construct these clips since all the performances are backed by the same track and tempo doesn’t vary wildly. Hashtag that with “Band Problems”. After the clip, we Kanana playing catch, presumably for her (and Take-chan’s) first pitch. Kanana wears a t-shirt that says “daddy’s girl”, which I think is somehow adorable.

MaiMai throws to a clip of her own group, C-ute and their recent trip to Paris. We see the girls on an airplane early in the morning. Adventures in a foreign land ensue. The girls board a Seine river boat in their pirate outfits, which probably worried the other passengers. Well, they probably weren’t that worried. The excursion did provide for some Eiffel Tower photo ops and another “Titanic” pose. Near Notre Dame, the girls hail another tourist boat, puzzling people from around the globe. On the day of their concert we have brief glimpses of the sound check, the boredom of waiting for the performance, and a unique “from the wings” angle of the performance. In the moments before their concert, you can hear the audience chanting from backstage- this gave me chills.

Hello! Station continues to parade Oda Sakura’s talent by giving her a solo of “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa Wo Honki de Negatterun Dayo“. Sakura’s performance isn’t as animated as last week’s version of “Seishun Collection“. As the song isn’t a particular favorite of mine, I don’t think I will be rewatching this. Still, Sakura pulls of the song without any difficulties.

Mai gives us a quick fashion check before continuing the Juice=Juice interview corner. This week’s interview grills Miyamoto Karin. I wish I knew what H!P Jesus said during this segment.

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