PASSPO☆- Mousou no Hawaii PV

Man, I love Hawaii. Something about the place, the vibe, the islands makes relaxation easy. I also ordering spam and eggs with a side of rice for breakfast at a restaurant. I didn’t think something that simple makes a difference, but it does. I suppose one never really knows how under the yoke of ethnocentrism one is until that yoke is removed. But, this isn’t the internalized racism blog, this is the PASSPO “Mousou no Hawaii” blog.

I wish they spent more time on the music. The whole arrangement jaunts along in 12/8 time (giving that pirate “yo ho!” feeling) adding a refreshing element to the piece. The instrumentation is a straight ahead four-piece rock band- a nice change of pace from the somewhat electrified treatment the last few singles received. Verses are highlighted with a fanciful call-and-response vocal part which I hope they attempt live. The problem here is the chorus melodies. The long tones add a tropical feel and contrast with the instrumental arrangement, but is ultimately forgettable.

Like me, the girls are daydreaming about the islands. The girls are mostly seen infron of computer monitors hopelessly typing away. Negishi Ai starts us off with browsing for images of palm trees and sunsets. The hula doll on her computer desk gives us the first hint of her browsing subject matter. She closes her eyes, and the PV really starts.

In these black scenes the PV tricks the viewer into believing he is looking at the girls from the other side of the computer screen. The downside of this effect is the somewhat harsh illumination of the girls in these scenes. The standard japanese pale skin is supplanted with an ashen pallor which might be uncomfortable for some. Still I enjoyed seeing Makoto freak out on her monitor, Sako sing desperately to her screen, and all the girls playing with their pens like Section B of my last computer science course.

I can’t get enough Makoto…

Anna looking mischievous

If I can get MioMio to look at me like she looks at her monitor….

And MioMio continues her cuteness assault

Another crash?!

Morishi feelin’ the frustration

Sometimes, a pen is just a pen

Sako is confused (and getting much more screen time lately)

Hear no evil?

The other set piece for the PV is a stage performance. Brightly lit and in vibrant color, these scenes provide drastic contrast to the computer scenes. The girls wear mumus and leis and are encircled by like-dressed dancers and a three-piece band (the bass player gets major points for his Bad Brains t-shirt). Yes, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the girls, the flowers are color keyed. MioMio and Morishi dance around earnestly, but we never get the impression that this scene is real life. In fact, as the PV progresses, we see fake snow swirl around the scene like this daydream is the inside of a snow globe. Unfortunately, the cast of thousands muddies up the long shots and takes focus away from the girls. I want to see more of PASSPO!

Shiori looks giddy

Aipon, Naomi, and Saki are begging for it.

Gahhrr! I can’t take it

Aipon shows off the back of her hand

Excited to be playing guitar?

Perhaps, not the most photogenic bass player

The drummer spends most of his time headless

Who the hell is this guy?

What about a dance shot?! Well, there isn’t much of a dance shot in “Mousou no Hawaii”. There are silhouettes of a dance shot. We can tell the girls are wearing the same red and black outfits from the computer screen shots, but in silhouette there’s not much to say about any of that. It’s as if the director realized that these shots added little to the product, but included the shots under duress.

Unexpected bikini scenes further the fantasy. Well, unexpected in that the bikinis don’t make an appearance until the last third of PV. Not unexpected since this is a Hawaii PV. I suppose I should be happy about this.

And in the end, Aipon puts on her flippers, grabs her mouse, and continues surfing the web.

You can buy PASSPO “Mousou no Hawaii” at CDJapan

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