Michishige Sayumi photobook retrospective part 1

Well, I missed Michishige Sayumi’s 24th birthday celebration. I don’t have a good excuse, either. I’ll make it up to you, and Sayu, by giving Ichiban Kawaii’s solo photobook work a good looking through. We are ALL going to benefit from this! This means I’ll have to do some serious studying- Sayumi’s has 9 solo photobooks for me to flip through. So as not to overwhelm you, and to keep your blood pressure at acceptable levels, I’ll go through the photobooks two at a time. Are you ready?

[2004.10.29] Michishige Sayumi
OK, so how old was Sayu here? 15? Looks about right!

Sayumi in the verdant forest just seems right.

I don’t want to do too much school uniform. She looks much younger in these pictures. Almost like she’s a different person.

Only a young girl can do these next two poses. Young and full of life.

Ever wanted Usagi holding usagi?

Great close up! I love looking at their eyes.

Mismatched hair ties, nyan pose, neko

And this is just cute

I wonder if she realized that this picture is suggestive…

And this looks natural and bueatiful

Um … Sayu?

[2007.01.13] Doukei
Sayumi is all of 17 in Doukei. Her childlike charms are slowly supplanted with the sensuality that was hinted at in “Michishige Sayumi”.

And then an onslaught of bikini photos.

Another gorgeous close-up of Sayumi’s face. This time there’s an added Yukata bonus!

Being cute again (what she does best?)

Bare shoulders and a blue sky filled with billowy clouds.

This next picture I can’t even begin to tell you about. It’s probably my favorite photo of young Sayumi. It still lingers on my desktop.

And what’s in her hands here?

And here’s the “Making of” video so you can see the 17 year old Sayumi in motion.

And … there’s more to come!

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  1. I have a feeling I will like the following entries too. xD I will never get tired of looking at Sayu’s PBs. 😀 I always find it difficult to pick just one favourite photo in a PB, but I must say the one where she’s looking in a mirror (and other shots with the same outfit and style) have always stood out to me a lot.


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