Hello! Station #25- A Viewer’s Guide

Welcome to another Hello! Station! This week we get a kyuukie Morning Musume: Suzuki Kanon. If you follow along with the H!P community, then you know that anticipation has been building for this episode. Speculative fans presume at least some of the new Morning Musume PVs will get a debut.

Well, the moment we’ve been waiting for comes first! “Ai no Gungan (Dance Shot ver.)” premieres after some introduction from Kanon. The girls sport red and black military inspired outfits with berets as the headgear of choice. Musically, “Ai no Gundan” starts off sounding like a Perfume song. The PV keeps that deception with the girls executing some slow synchronization. When the tempo picks up the girls move to a sideways kick line. You find out really quickly what this song is really about, though. There is some FANTASTIC hand movements that are synchronized like they came from World Order. By the time the half time drop of second verse, you are hypnotized. And then during the instrumental break, you are crying. The girls help you out with line distribution guesswork by raising their hands during their solo/duet lines. I am blown away again.

Now, how do you follow that? Turns out, you follow it with C-ute from Paris. C-ute perform their early single “Massara Blue Jeans” in its entirety. Unlike the videos from the last C-ute in Paris report, the video utilizes a variety of angles. We even get some super close ups where you can practically feel Maimi sweating.

Kanon cues up footage of Nakanishi Kana and Takeuchi Akari tossing the first pitch during the Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes game on 7/16/12. We’re talking baseball here. Yoshi from New School Kaidan thinks Kanana needs to rework her entire delivery. On the other hand, Takechan gets high marks. With celebrity events like these I only care about how they look (that’s totally a lie), and I think Kana’s still shot looks better than Akari’s still shot. Yes, Akari threw the ball wide left, but it hardly matters, right?

SOLO SONG CORNER! Tsuganaga Momoko sings “Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba“. This song is one of my favorites from the Berryz catalog. The performance highlights the real shame of the Momochi character that Momoka often plays. Momoka is a fantastic singer. We often associate her with an affected high pitch squeal. But, I think most people would change their minds if they watched some live Buono!. This was filmed in a cafeteria. Bonus points for the chef in the background checking out the action. I really think they should start to film these weekly and at random locations around Tokyo guerilla style. That would be exciting!

Kanon says “bye bye” prematurely. She leaves us with the introduction video for Juice=Juice’s Uemura Akari. Akari first came to my attention because she looks like a twig. That was a very incomplete assessment of the the girl. She’s quite a pretty girl who is growing taller faster than she can fill curves. These recent shots of Aari should give you an idea.

After the credits roll, we get a surprise! H!P gives us a gag reel from MaiMai’s recent hosting gig. Enjoy!

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