Michishige Sayumi photobook retrospective part 2

Today we’ll take a look at Sayumi’s photobooks from 2007. “Love Hello” and “Sousou” were released within sixth months of each other, making Suyumi’s 17 year old self her most photographed self. I think most of us are pretty embarrassed looking at pictures when we were 17 (unless you’re still 17). Sayumi, on the other hand, has nothing to be embarrassed about. These photographs are proof!

[2007.06.30] 17 ~Love Hello! Michishige Sayumi Photobook~ (17 ~ラブハロ!道重さゆみ写真集~)
First of all, BOOM. The cover tells you everything you need to know about this photobook.

Yes, it’s playful young Sayumi in her bikini in Hawaii.

Let’s get some pictures of Sayu making breakfast

Early in my fandom, I remember seeing Sayu cooking and thinking to myself, “This girls gonna cut off her finger.”

Here’s Sayu looking particularly devious. Nowadays we would say that she’s cooking up a plan to get more lolis, but back in 2007 she WAS the loli.

And a playful young loli she was!

Did she trip and fall on the stairs?

Back to the swimwear department. Sayumi looks good in red …

And stripes, too. Look at her eyes for a while and be mesmerized.

Here’s that BLAMMO picture again, without all those annoying words

I like these close ups of Sayu’s face. Cute!

Finally we get some mature looking pictures of Sayu at the beach. These photos remind me of those Princess Diana photos where you can see through her skirt. Scandalous!

[2007.12.09] Sousou (蒼蒼)

Something about this cover… She’s fully clothed in a rather plain dress. But, that expression and pose. Rather than the playful bunny of Love Hello, we get Sayu trying her hand at more mature poses as subject matter.
This floral bikini is great. Her expression and her wet hair are alluring in way that was only hinted at in previous photobooks.

And here Sayu poses in a mountain river. She looks as though she is rapt in communication with the forest.

We move indoors to a pool. Cinema Verite style lighting give these photos a voyeuristic feel. I get a distinct feeling that not all is right with these photos, which is the point.

More photographs of Sayu outdoors. She emits an aura of luxury in this photo.

What a coincidence! I’m staring at Sayu’s belly button, too!

The black dress emphasizes Sayumi’s princess skin. The graffiti on the wall contrasts the natural beauty of the girl.

Nobody wears an oversized sweater like a beautiful girl. It says so much without saying anything at all.

That floral bikini … it’s barely there.

Sayu, are you taking your shoes off or putting them on. Is there a story here?

Another natural looking photograph of the bunny girl.

One response

  1. Ah I’m a little late commenting on this but I just have to, 17 Love Hello is my number one favourite PB of all time. It’s so sunny and happy and cute. 🙂 Sousou is great too though, I especially like that forest shot. My gorgeous kamioshi. ♥


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