Beauty Shots

Some very artistic photographs of various idols were recently brought to my attention. These all come from the website Beauty News Tokyo. I don’t know anything about the website other than the pretty models they use! So are you ready?

We start with Super Girls’s Goto Aya. This looks to me like it was ripped from Akira. You know the part with all the stuffed animals?
 photo GotoAyaSuperGirls01_zps938f9265.jpg
Next is Maeda Ami from AKB48. It looks like the same photograph done 3 times, which is unsettling. I like the detail we can see in her face and the interesting orange dotted top.
 photo maedaamiAKB4801_zps2e1a95b1.jpg
 photo maedaamiAKB4802_zps3eeef6d5.jpg
 photo maedaamiAKB4803_zps3faa79c0.jpg

Hibi Mikoto from Dream5 is the next model. These are the only photographs that are dark. Dark, mysterious, leather clad and studded.
 photo MikotoHibiDram501_zpsa19d31bc.jpg
 photo MikotoHibiDram502_zpsc1af84c3.jpg
 photo MikotoHibiDram503_zps529283bc.jpg’s Mogami Moga’s got something in her hair. I like the liberties they take with this photograph. The elaborate headdress and striking color contrasts lend her dual personalities.
 photo MogamiMogaDempagumi01_zps4af57c65.jpg
 photo MogamiMogaDempagumi02_zps15ec6aae.jpg
From PASSPO, Masui Mio takes a short turn. We rarely see Mio pulling off a mature beauty look. The highlights recall her member color, of course. What is she holding in her hand? An egg? A crystal?
 photo MasuiMioPASSPO_zpsead81e93.jpg

Tokyo Girls’ Style’s representative model is Nakae Yuri. We never see Yuri with bangs, so a chance is presented. Yuri looks natural and calm in her poses.
 photo NakaeYuriTGS01_zpsa8ec1ccd.jpg
 photo NakaeYuriTGS02_zpsdf40ce94.jpg

Finally we get Terashima Yufu formerly from BiS. In keeping with Moga’s look, Yufu’s highly stylized photos feature outlandish head pieces. Yufu’s photos evoke an updated traditional dress.
 photo TerashimaYufuBiS01_zpsef2f0b73.jpg
 photo TerashimaYufuBiS02_zpsa963cd2c.jpg

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