Morning Musume 15th Anniversary Photobook Zero

Well howdy there, strangers. I know I haven’t written anything in a while- mostly due to the intrusion of my 10 hr/day work schedule. I’ve missed so many releases … I’m sorry if you were looking forward to any of those. I’d like to promise that I’ll be more punctual, but you know how things go.

I did write this one thing. It was a love letter/introduction to Ikuta Erina for New School Kaidan. Please check them out: they are a constant news/entertainment site for the world of idols. While they concentrate mainly on the 48 group, you will see items pertaining to other idols (like my piece, and the entire series from which it came).
Here’s that link again:

Last night was Morning Musume’s Budokan concert! I’m waiting patiently to hear any important group news as the reports and pictures trickle through the webs. The pictures look very impressive; I’m sorry that I can’t be there (and may never get to be there for a Morning Musume concert).

Now for the main focus of this article.
A weeks ago, I got the Morning Musume 15th Anniversary Photobook! I’m never sure about the correct way to post about my personal gets- photos, video, nothing(?). I dislike brags, and making an article about personal gets feels like a brag. It’s a commercial goods that anyone with some cash and a little know-how can obtain: nothing to brag about. I just want to share! OK? Enough of my hangups. Here’s a few of the pages as seen through my camera phone.

The package came with a Negishi Ai photocard!

You’ll excuse me if my hand makes a special guest appearance, right?

Each member gets a few pages to start things. Here’s Oda Sakura. She looks GREAT in this photobook.

And now for the Tenki gumi

Q-ki time! Doesn’t Mizuki just look STUNNING?!

My little Eripon looking so sophisticated ^__^

Who wouldn’t want Sayumi waiting for them at the train station?

A little bit of the letter narrative picture story.

This might be my favorite page: Eripon and Sakura!

Hello Sayu!

OK, I won’t jinx things, but I have more personal gets to share!

ALSO- there’s a Hello! Project General Election going on at Hello! Online. Vote for your girls!

Also, I’ve been thinking about giving things away: I buy multiple copies of the Morning Musume singles, and I surely don’t need ALL of them in my life. Any thoughts?


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